Help with Hodgdon Longshot Powder for 45 acp

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Oct 26, 2009
I have been loading Copper Plated bullets for many years. With the recent shortage of pistol powder in my area, I have just purchased a few pounds of Hodgdon Longshot Powder in desperation for loading 45 ACP rounds. Yes, I know it's primarily a shotgun powder, but I cannot find any more suitable powders available in my area.

I am loading Berry's 230 grain RN plated bullets.

I cannot find good info anywhere about this powder and it's effectiveness with 230 grain RN bullets.
The only info I can find is from the Hodgdon Reloading Data Center

Starting load is 6.0 gr
Max load is 6.8 gr

Anyone have any opinions on this powder for 230 gr RN bullets specifically? How does it perform? Is it dirty? Recoil? etc

I will be shooting it out of a Glock 21 with aftermarket barrel.

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It might be a little slow for .45acp but it should still work just fine. I reduce my max slightly below the jacketed data when loading plated bullets. Just work up from the Hogdon starting load data and keep it below max. Run your standard OAL and you should be fine. You will probably need to work up to mid-range for best performance.
Mad Chemist,
Thanks for the reply. I reviewed the OP and realized that I made it sound like I was a newbie looking for loading advice.

I have been loading for many years with copper plated bullets. I am not worried about the minimum/max load data, the COAL, etc...

What I am looking for is opininons on the powder itself. Has anyone tried this powder in 45ACP with 230gr RN? How does it perform? Intended use is just for plinking, but I want to make sure it's accurate, etc... before I load a bunch of it up.
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It likes a little more pressure, I'm betting you'll get unburnt powder. it'll probably shoot ok for accuracy.
Longshot loads

I've used Longshot for my 45 ACP. The only 230 gr bullets I have loaded are Zero FMJ and 200 gr Gold Dots. I had really good results with the Gold Dots at near max powder charges. This powder is loud and packs a punch but is very accurate for the loads I tried out. The data I used is from Hodgdon.
With the 200gr. Gold Dot I started at 7.1 grs and worked my way up to 7.8 grs which is listed max and had best results in the upper 7.6gr -7.8 gr level.The recoil is sharp with a lot of noise but the accuracy was very good. I also had good results with 6.5 grs of Longshot using 230 gr Zero FMJ bullets all loads used Winchester Large Pistol primers and once fired Federal Brass. All loads shot from a Colt 1991 Gov model. This is a slow burning powder with a lot of flash and bark but is a blast to shoot


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I use it for 9mm and 40 SW. It is a bit slow for 45 ACP. But if you have it, yes you can use it.

Hodgdon has data for it.

Try some loads, not "load a bunch of it."
I don't load 45 acp, but in 9mm, +P 38 spcl, and .40 cal. with jacketed bullet Longshot is my go to powder. It functions best when worked up to the upper end of the tables.

It works fine for mid to upper end loads. Not so much for softer recoiling target loads. It shines at the upper end of the load range for any given caliber. I like it with plated Montana Gold bullets at near-max loads.
Like just about everyone else has said, you'll more than likely get your best results with upper end charges. But WORK UP of course. Off hand I think my best load with Longahot and 200gr XTPs was 7.6-7.8gr (going completely off of memory, that charge weight may be high). And its not really a pleasant load either. It isnt bad in my 4" XD, but in an XDS......ya betta hang on tight!
Gloob said:
Longshot is wasted on 45ACP.

Why do you say that? Not cost effective relative to other powders? Noise? Recoil? The fact that people standing 20 yards behind can feel the percussion when you shoot a full tilt longshot/ 45 auto load? :evil:

The 8th addition hornady manual lists 6.6 to 8.6 grains of longshot with 200 grain xtps. I've fired quite a few of these loaded to 7.6 grains in my Kahr CW45 with good results. Yes, it fires cleaner at 8.1 and 8.6 grains, but I honestly don't enjoy shooting a load with that much recoil. out of the smallish CW45, and I wouldn't shoot it out of a 1911 unless it was +p rated.

The hornady 8th also lists up to 7.4 grains with 230 grain bullets. I bet that's a handful too!

If I was ever going to use a .45 acp for hunting (not that plan to), longshot with a hornady xtp bullet would be near the top of my list.

Be sure to wear double ear protection.
I agree with so much above for not using Longshot in the 45 Auto.

The 45 Auto is a low pressure round but Longshot performs best at higher pressures. It's good in the 9mm, 40 S&W but IMO not a good choice for the 45 Auto.

There are at least 2 dozen powders that will work well in the 45 ACP, Longshot just isn't one of them.
.45 ACP is not a round you want to hot rod. The guns were not designed for it. And besides, even at "full throttle" the .45 ACP is still operating at low pressures.

I agree with the others, it should "work", but it wouldn't be my first choice if I had alternatives.
Thanks for the input. My problem is that I literally don't have any other alternatives in my area. Pistol powder in my area is referred to as "unicorn dust" because it's so rare.
I guess I need to man up and just pay the stupid hazmat fee to ship powder
Check your local boards and Armslist. Someone may be willing to trade for a faster powder.
I used Long(loud)shot in .45 because it was all I had at the time. It ssemed to work OK, not my first choice but it worked, made holes in paper, went bang, ejected. Don't have my notes in front of me but I believe I loaded 6.5 and 7gns. The 7s felt stout. I agree Longshot does work better loaded towards the heavier side but it will work with starting charges just a bit dirtier.
It is interesting that it is generally agreed that it works better at higher pressures..
Funny though it was designed as a shotgun powder and pressures there will never be as high as in a pistol. (unless something major goes wrong!)

I would load some to try at 6, maybe 6.3 and if 6.3 was ok maybe 6.6 and see how it goes. Maybe 10 of each, then you have a better idea of the range you want to work in. 6-6.3 6.3 and up.
If you are using the Lee disks you might try the .47 about 5.8gr, the .49 about about 6gr and the .53 about 6.5 gr. These are ESTIMATES of what a disk will throw, YMMV.
I have never went to or beyond the listed max with it, but I have heard it is supposed to be forgiving (not spikey).

It is LOUDer than anything else I have used in pistol including Powerpistol :evil::D
(Have not loaded 110 or 296 in my .357 so they might be louder)
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Oh, great, I just got a new jug of Longshot to try. Going to start with 40. I had been thinking of trying it in 45, but think I will not bother. I have several other powders the work just fine in 45.

Besides 40 and 9mm, what other pistol calibers is it good for? How about 357mag?
Ive used longshot in 44mag, 10mm and 45acp. Definitely run the .45's on the hot side. If your in the Reno area Mark Fore & Strike seems to get more powder than anyone else. I scored some A#9 and some 800x there. Cabelas and Scheels are a waste of time. Sportsmans Warehouse in Carson gets their stuff early Friday morning. Im going to fallon today on a powder quest. Maybe the cowboys up there don't use fast pistol powder.
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