Hi Standard Supermatic Trophy

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Sep 6, 2007
Bay Area Ca.
Guys, I'm looking for spare magazines for my Hi Standard Supermatic Trophy. I've contcted Hi- Standard, so far underwhelming in response. Brownell's lists them but is out of stck. Any help would be appreciated.
The Hi-Standard part number is 10380. Also would like to find barrel weights for it as well.
Type in "numrich gun parts" in a search engine. I forget their web site address.

Original factory barrel weights will be harder to find. Try ebay, gunbroker and auctionarms from time to time. If they don't have it they will in time. Just keep checking.

What model number Trophy do you have? I have a few HS's myself.
Great thanks. Numrich does stock magazines and barrel weights. I don't see a model number anywhere on it. It has the 71/4" fluted barrel with a weighted stabilizer on end of barrel, that somebody filled with epoxy, gonna guess those two set screws wouldn't stay tight. Having a helluva time getting it all out. Serial # SH218**. Easily the smoothest trigger on any handgun I've ever handled. Let me ask ya, I've been feeding it Federal Gold Match .22LR. Have you found a .22 brand that shoots exceptionally well through these?
I have an old High Standard Victor 10X that shoots very well with Wolf Match Target Extra. Good luck on your parts hunt. The "new" High Standard (Houston, Texas...I think) is a small operation. Maybe they'll help you in time.
I've contcted Hi- Standard, so far underwhelming in response.

This jibes with my experience with them regarding the same issue a couple of months ago.

I e-mailed them saying I was concerned should I ever lose my original mag I wanted to have a spare.

Some guy responded with the smart*** remark "Well if you keep the mag in the pistol where it belongs you won't lose it.".

No kiddin' that makes sense, but maybe isn't the smartest thing to say from a customer service standpoint.:cuss:
Have you found a .22 brand that shoots exceptionally well through these?

I have an older Victor and military grip Trophy that both like either Federal 711B, Fed 714, Aguila and T22. The one brand that has given me fits is CCI Std Velocity. A lot of the guys here shoot it in their Marvels, M41s, and Rugers, but both my HSs have trouble feeding it consistently. Got tired of jams during the timed and rapid fire stages at Bullseye matches, so what I had left got shot up in practice. And a big no-no to any Remington std velocity; all I get are misfires.
Cool links, thanks rc. cd you say you fire these in Bullseye Matches. Is everyone shooting HS at these? That would be fun. Can anyone tell me how to assertain my model number? I need anymore parts it might be important to know. It does not have the push button takedown and does not say Military anywhere on it.
Atticus, you mentioned your ser.# started with SH. The SH was also designated as the model. They were the very last guns made at the Connecticut plant just before they ceased operations. The SH's had an allen-headed screw takedown instead of the pushbutton.

You can't beat the Federal Gold Match ammo unless you buy the premium high priced competition ammo ie., Laupa, Eley, etc..
I buy the Federal Auto Match ammo. My HS's eat it like candy. Also stay away from high velocity .22 ammo. It was not designed for it.

Go to www.histandard.info for information on your pistol.
Lotas good info. I'll pickup some of each of the ammo types and see. So a good rule of thumb is avoid Remington and any high velocity stuff, right? Not familiar with T-22, I'll see if I can find some locally.
cdrt....thos Bullseye matches.Are they just in Texas or are you aware of a Northern California chapter? Also you run iron sights in theses matches?
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