HK45 - Rust on Slide Release

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Mar 24, 2009
I got a HK45 brand new about 6 months ago and while this is not mine, this photo (middle one is the HK45) looks exactly like the rust problem I have on the slide stop of my pistol.

The rest of the pistol is perfect. I'm just wondering for those among you with HK45s do you have the same issue ? :confused: ) :confused: or anybody that has shot one notice this?

I don't know the technical word for it but the lever similar to the slide stop on the far side of the frame is also getting worse.

The rest of the pistol is perfect, I've taken really good care of it and the other hand guns I got at the same time got the same treatment/same storage without this rust issue.

I couldn't find much on the net related to it so thought I would put it up here for others who might have experienced the same.

Could it be the coating used by HK on their slide stop is inferior to the rest of the pistol?

Thanks for reading.
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I had discoloration on some of the control on the one I owned but it was not rust.

Are you sure its rust not just the finish wearing off?
I'm not 100% sure Rellascout.

I will put up photos of mine.

Pretty insane if it is the finish wearing off as I've only 2,000 rounds through it and it's just over 6 months old.
Not the greatest of photos but it gives an idea. I'm hopeless at photography.

Slide stop against the mag to capture it with better light

That's not rust that's just HK's crappy finish. There have been problems for years with the same discoloration of the extractor.
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That's not rust that's just HK's crappy Finnish.

And all this time I thought H&K was German... :neener:

I can't add any good input here, other than to echo what everyone else has said: Don't look like rust, looks like the finish is wearing off, and whatever treatment is underneath it is showing through.

Of course, I am just seeing this from a photo, not first hand. I could be way wrong here.

purple HK issue

It is a recurring issue with some HKs, it shows up on some of the small parts on the USP series pistols occasionally. Supposedly it has something to do with a finish variation after the hardening of the small parts. If you see it up close it is more of a purple color than rust. It is the metal finish not rust.
It's not rust! You are seeing the hardened steel's color underneath. This will happen to all H&K pistols including the USP, P2000/sk, P30, HK45/45c. H&K heat treats and hardens the steel for their extractors and slide stops. This process makes the steel very strong and hard, but the bad part is that once treated, the steel doesn't allow the finish to stick. When you buy the pistol, these parts are black, but the finish quickly wears off to reveal the orange/bronze colored metal underneath. Kind of annoying to look at, but it doesn't affect performance whatsoever. All my H&Ks are like this. Still no rust on any of them.

Nothing to worry about!
CPShooter hit the "nail on the head." It is not rust, it is the result of the hardness of the treated metal. You were lucky if your new HK didn't come this way. I have this same characteristic on my P30s, P2000s, and my HK45. No big deal, it is not rust.

Don't even waste your time calling HKI, they won't warrant the finish wear, since it does not influence function.
Thanks for the invaluable input.

As always greatly appreciated!

I never knew any of the above details regarding HK firearms. There is always something new to be learned from this forum :)

Thanks again ;)
I'm really hoping to buy an HK soon.... is there some way to prevent this issue? Besides never touching the damned thing.
Slide Release?? Slide Stop!!

if you want to start splitting hairs, HKs (at least the HK45/45c and P30) don't have slide stops. They have slide releases. They are called so in the manuals.

Doesn't change how you can run your pistol, but those slide releases are large for a reason.
BOOrodge is correct (not that it matters either way we know what is being talked about)

pg 9

I do like seeing people get in a huff about things they are wrong about though.
Getting bent out of shape about semantics is silly, BTW glock calls it a slide lock not a slide stop. Sig calls it a slide catch.
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