Hornady ELD Match 22 cal report

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Dec 24, 2010
Vancouver, WA
I hand loaded some .223 cartridges for my Savage 10 bolt rifle with Hornady ELD Match 73 grain bullets today. After taking some measurements with the Hornady OAL gauge, it became apparent the bullets seated to either Hornady spec, or SAAMI spec would be way off the lands for this rifle.

I loaded 30 rounds to SAAMI COL of 2.260 and 10 rounds 30/1000 off the lands for this rifle. That split the difference between Hornady's recommendation for 20-40 thousandths bullet jump.

As an aside, the SAAMI-max seated rounds were good, this is an accurate rifle that digests most good ammo well.

So, the ingredients for this recipe:

Black Hills twice loaded brass, neck sized, Lee Precision
Cases trimmed to 1.750
CCI BR-4 small rifle primers
22.5 grains Varget
Hornady ELD Match 73 grain bullets seated to COL 2.335
Nasty medium to heavy rain, not much wind, cold

I was pleased with the results, only 2 5-shot groups I know, but this looks promising. Figured a share was in order.

Some time ago I asked Hornady about the .224 73 and 75 grain ELD match bullets. They responded that the 73's were intended to be loaded in AR rifles having magazine length COAL limitations.

Seeing that your rifle is a bolt action Savage 10 make the COAL as long as you wish provided they fit in the magazine and shoot good not being jammed into the rifling, like those 5 shot groups shown!

Hornady recommended the 75 grain .224 bullets for my use, a .22-.250 having a 7.7 twist. I now use 75 grain Amax's. Possibly, you might run Hornady's 4 degrees of freedom ballistics program for both 73's and 75's and look at the "gyro" values for both bullets assuming your Savage has a 9 twist. In any event, it sure does not look like you have a problem other than what to buy if you can't find the 73 grain Hornady ELD bullets. Savage rifles seem the be a great value for cost and accuracy. I have a huge amount of .223 brass and I might buy one for my wife to shoot.
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