how can felon get rid of his firearm?

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Sep 5, 2011
My friends brother was convicted non violent felon ie drugs dui couple year ago. My friend has the gun now since his brother cannot be in possesion of the gun anymore and he is trying to sell it to me.

The gun still registered (blue card) to his brother even though my friend has them for a while and has never registered it in his name.

My question is can my friend legally sell his gun even though it still registed to his brother?

I was able to registered the gun with no problem. No bill of sale needed, no privious registration needed. I got the gun from his grandfather gave his grandfather the money I went to substation and registered the gun within mintues.
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Only need reg in las vegas area. i got my first gun five years ago and had to registered it. outside of las vegas pahrump,nevaada, reno nevada, etc.. no bluecard needed.
Ask the local LEO, I bet they would know.
I bet they WOULDN'T.

If you printed and bound all of the stories about cops who didn't know the law that have just been posted here, it'd look like the Encyclopedia Britannica.

If you want to know CORRECT gun law, ask your local state firearms association, the NRA or a lawyer.
As long as the friends brother does not have it he can't be caught with it so nothing will happen.
1) We clearly see now just how EFFECTIVE registration is. :cuss: We have a known felon with a REGISTERED gun.

2) Since he can't legally posses it, he needs to sell it. I'm not aware of ANY law that says a Felon can't -sell- a gun.

3) I would for sure have a simple bill of sale made up, so that if they ever DO check out that registration he can show where it went.
Thanks guys for your responses. I got the gun today from his grandfather. I registered the gun this morning with no problem. No bill of of sale needed. No previous blue card neeeded. I just told them it was from a private party sale and it only took 10 minutes or less. Thanks.
After perusing all the posts in this thread, I'd opine there's lots more reasons to effect a major overhaul of our bureaucracy and, probably, Congress rather than move. Y'all ever notice how paranoid some of the threads regarding gun sales/exchanges/bequeathments get ?

I'll pose the following :

How is the "public welfare" enhanced by making criminals out of ordinary citizens caught up in circumstances not obviously threatening or creating a disturbance of public order trying to comply with the law ?

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