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how do i get my FFL

Discussion in 'Legal' started by X9ballX, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. X9ballX

    X9ballX Member

    Oct 24, 2008
    i need my FFL to order guns online.i can buy guns at a shop without one it seems but i cant order them online without one. so how do i go about getting one

    many thanks
  2. Bubba613

    Bubba613 member

    Aug 2, 2007
    You get a C&R license by applying with ATF. Go to ATF online and there are links there. Cost is very reasonable. License allows you to purchase C&R guns without going through background check etc.
  3. dejr2000

    dejr2000 Member

    Jan 5, 2007
    You need to find a local FFL to do the transfer for you. Search by zip code on Gunbroker and find one near you. ATF won't issue you an FFL for personal use, business use only.
  4. Trebor

    Trebor Member

    Feb 15, 2003
    There are two common types of FFL's that you may be eligible for.

    The first is the C&R or "Curio & Relics" collector's FFL. This is a FFL designed for collectors. It would allow you to obtain any firearm that is over 50 years old, or any firearm specifically listed on the C&R list by the ATF, without going through a dealer.

    The C&R license is easy to get as it's designed for collectors. There are record keeping requirements and you can NOT use this license to "engage in the business of dealing in firearms."

    The fee is, I believe, $30 for three years.

    The other common type of FFL is a 01 Dealer's FFL. This is the license for people who are *in the business* of buying and selling guns as a dealer.

    While you do not technically have to have a store front to get a 01 Dealer's FFL, you do need to intend to "be in the business" of buying and selling firearms.

    This license is NOT for just getting guns for your own personal collection. The fee is higher, $300 for three years, and the record keeping is more stringent. This is the license the gun shops have.

    To get this license you would have to show that the address for your "licensed premises" is in compliance with all local zoning laws. That means if you don't intend to have a store, and want to sell out of your home, that your local zoning regs allow you to do so. The ATF will check.

    In short, unless you intend to become a real dealer in firearms, the C&R license is probably your best bet.
  5. Sinixstar

    Sinixstar member

    Nov 4, 2008
    Also just a point of clarification, as I know some people don't catch this right away...
    A C&R only allows you to buy C&R weapons directly. Anything that's not a C&R still must be purchased through a licensed dealer. C&R will not allow you to buy that new Glock from an online dealer and have it shipped directly to your house.
    There are also restrictions governing certain types of weapons, even if they fall under the C&R designation (namely full autos).

    It sounds like what you want is a way to buy interstate without having to go through a dealer. Unfortunately it's just not that easy.
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