How long can a snubnose be?

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A true snubnose, or snubbie has either a 1 7/8", 2" or 2.5" barrel. It also has to be small and concealable that means no bigger than a model 19 or 66 K frame.
So the various Colts, Smiths and charter arms small and medium frame revolvers would qualify.

A 3" N frame, or Ruger Alaskan is not a snubbie but a last ditch dangerous critter weapon for a belt holster.
In my dictionary "snubnose" gets you a 2" (or 1 7/8") J frame or a 2.5" KT frame max.
Sawn off Jovinos are novelty items of no interest to me.

I once had a .32 Colt Pocket Hammerless with a hip pocket holster. Fancier than Bob's Memphis sighting, it had a patent retention system with spring wires that flared out into the upper corners of the pocket. Pull a thong to draw in the springs and let the rig be removed from the pocket.
As much as I'd like my 3" Model 60-15 to be considered a snubnose, it is not. I agree that the criteria might include frame size. Iggy's 3.5" N-frame? Proportionate to frame size, yes.

Regardless, that is a stunning piece. I think Radagast said it best: "elegant".
Put me in the "anything 3" or under" camp. If it is too small to be a service revolver it is a snubnose. With rare exceptions (the 3" M13 the FBI used for a few years comes to mind, and that was chosen for concealment not uniform carry), the minimum size for a service revolver is a 4" K-frame (or other 4" medium framed revolver).

From a more practical perspective, I'm not sure I think of a 3" J-frame as a snubnose, while I certainly think of a 3" K-frame or larger as a snubnose. So, I guess for me, my real definition is anything that is short for the frame size (despite my earlier, probably more "technically" correct definition).
For me, a "snubby" starts with a 1 or a 2... A 3" isn't a snubby, it's a compact belt gun.
My 2 cents runs with anything less than 3 inches bbeing a snubby. 3 inches or more - not a snubby
It's all about feel. Jframe sized guns need like a two inch barrel to be a snub in my mind. K frame, 2.5 inch max. L frame, 2.5 or 3" as an absolute max. N frame, 3-3.5" as a max.

X frames...... snub nosed X frames just look stupid to me. Less than a 5" barrel makes no sense. So I don't care.
On a 38, 2 inches, 357 a 2.5" is max. A 3" gun with 6 rounds is a full size gun, 4 is duty, but 3 can also be duty as in state police, or 2.5 model 19's that FL troopers carried back in the day. The original standard was 1.85-87 inches. If you can get it in a snubby pancake holster it's a snubby, like a 36 or 60, chiefs special. 3 inch guns were harder to conceal. for ankle and waistband carry.
I have a 3" SP101 and it certainly isn't a snub whereas the 2.25" certainly is. I feel 2.5" is the point where the lower barrel length limit of simply "short barrel" belongs. "Snub" should be used for barrels too short for a round to achieve proper velocity for consistant h.p expansion. There, I gave an actual reason :)
Agreed, good point.

For me, a "snubby" starts with a 1 or a 2... A 3" isn't a snubby, it's a compact belt gun.
Yup, agreed.

On a 38, 2 inches, 357 a 2.5" is max. A 3" gun with 6 rounds is a full size gun.....
Again,well stated.

Small frames need to be under 3", a large frame could be 3" IMHO.
I.E. a 3" M60 isn't, but a 3" M29 is.
But this makes a good point,too.
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Way back in the dark ages when I was in armorer's school we were taught if it has a full length ejector rod it is not a snub nose. For it to be called a snub nose the barrel has to be short enough that that the ejector rod has to be shortened to fit under it.
With the 3 inch square butt K-frames along with duty holsters to fit coming in from Australia in recent years, I can solve the "Is a 3 inch revolver a snubbie?" question. If it has a three inch barrel and a round butt, it's a snubbie. If it has a three inch barrel and a square butt it isn't. :cool: See? Easy!
2-1/2" or less and must be no bigger than a K frame. A 2-1/2" 44 Mag however doesn't qualify as a Snubnose, but it does as stupid, stupid loud that is.
I guess it depends on how old you are and what was available.:evil:
This one is 100 years old this year.:cool:
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