How many HD Shotguns do you own?

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Remington 870 express HD (extended mag and 18"bbl).
I refinished some old wood furniture from an 870 police, and replaced the plastic with the nice wood.

I bought that gun when I was still new to guns and wasn't familiar with the idea of holding out for a retired police wingmaster. But I broke in the express so it's as smooth as the wingmasters I've felt, and with that wood it's a winner.

It sleeps behind my wife's side of the bed. (I've got other stuff on my side)
How many HD shotguns do I own?
I own fourteen I guess the answer is fourteen.
How many did I buy specifically for HD?
I have two FN SLP Mark 1 shotguns. The extra one is a back up.
Back up? Are you gonna carry two SGs?
a few of my shotguns are short barrel but none are for HD. Get out and pattern test your shotguns against a cardboard box at the distance you feel would be the longest shot you could take in your house. In most cases you will find that the pattern is not as large as you would like to think. Just sayin'
"Back up? Are you gonna carry two SGs?

No. It is in case one breaks during training. I then would have a spare when the first one is getting fixed.
Two shotguns, don't hunt, so it's ... two.

1) 870 20" smoothbore with two rd extended mag and factory wood.
2) Old Wards Hercules break open single shortened to 18" cyl bore. It produces a 6" to 8" 00 pattern at 7 paces
We have two 12GA HD shotguns. Beside the bed on the wife's side is a Remington 870 Synthetic 18, and on my side is a Stoeger Coachgun.
i have one shotgun deemed for HD. an 870 youth model with choate tube extension, light, and pistol grip. but i have two more shotguns that i'm sure would work just as well but dont have all the tacticool attachments.
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