how many knives do you carry?

How many knives do you pack?

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A medium sized swiss army knife (really glad i got that thing!) and a knock off of a leatherman.
Swiss goes in right pocket on keychain, leathreman goes in left with wallet.
Love knives, probably more than guns!!

SOG Flash II half serrated. Best knife I have ever had, and it sounds cool as hell when it snicks open.

Other is a Leatherman micra. Small blade that I seldom use, and therefore keep razor sharp.

I've seen a lot of knives, and owned a lot ... CRKT Gerber, etc. No benchmade yet but I get what I want from SOG.

Fiance carries a Flash I and a knuckle knife from SOG. :evil:
I usually have two knives on me.

I have a Victorinox Recruit on my keychain, and an OD green BM 551 in my left front pocket.

In the glove compartment of my Taco is a Victorinox Ranger. If you should happen to look under the passenger seat, you would find a SOG Navy Seal 2000 (which is probably duller than a butter knife, :uhoh: ) and a small John Greco hatchet.
I generally carry two. One is a Blackie Collins designed Merko and the other is a small Gerber lock blade that handles opening letters, boxes and cleaning finger nails.

The big knife doesn't scare anybody where I live beause just about everybody has one. Heck even my daughter a fair sized knife when she is not in school. It comes from working on a ranch. She's nearly as lost as I am when she doesn't have it.
We were scheduled to go to Las Vegas the next day. I looked goofy walking around playing slots with a cup of quarters in one hand, and my gauze wrapped thumb sticking up from the other hand.

I'm sure everyone thought you were a victim of organized crime. :p
Three, if you want to get technical about it.

I have a tiny crapper multitool that I got at Sears for eight bucks

And a larger leatherman knockoff (Winchester, actually) with two moderately sized blades on it.

Three, if you count the Leatherman Clipit. I also carry a Benchmade 710 and a Moore Maker moose pattern slipjoint. The Benchmade is sharp, and the slipjoint is real sharp. I mostly use the knife blade on the Leatherman for stripping wire and cleaning battery terminals.


A Spiderco Delica and a SAK. I just upgraded to a new SAK with a one handed opener. The blade and the screwdriver lock. No more screwdriver closing on my finger :D
I carry either my Victorinox Huntsman (all around best SAK, IMO) or my Spyderco carbon fiber serrated Police.
Normally, I carry two.

For general cutting, its my old swiss army scout.

For bigger things, its my Columbia River M16-14SF.

I've also got the OD handle M16 w/ 1* symbol but I sent it to Kuwait with my dad. :eek:

Both are very good blades. I would give you pics of mine, but the camera's in Kuwait too. :(
SAK that I got for my tenth B-Day from my Bro.
Useful for opening up boxes, apples, letters and whittleing tooth picks. I also rub the cross for good luck.

Spyderco Delice (Blue ATS-55).
Useful for opening up Deer (14 to-date) and People (None so far).
Let's see, I've got a Swiss Army knife in my pocket. I don't know the model, it's about the size of a Boy Scout knife. Two blades, screwdriver, bottle opener. I like the toothpick best of all really. I've got another bigger SAK in my "book-bag" that has some extra useless goodies with it. I almost never use it for anything.

I've got a leatherman tool on my belt that has a knife blade, and in the center consol of my Kia, I've got a Bucklite folder that's got a 3? 3 1/2" blade I guess. I don't really remember. Had it for years.

My only belt knife is one I had a fellow named Ben Shelor make for me years ago. I paid more for it then than I did for most of the guns I've ever owned. It's a good knife, but I hardly ever carry it anymore. I'll have to take a picture of it one of these days.
I usually have just one on my person, either a "waved" Spyderco Gunting in a custom sheath or a jacket pocket, a Jeff Hall Arch Ally or a Shivworks Clinch Pick, depending on where I'm going and what I'm wearing. If I'm travelling out of state I switch to a Spyderco Native because it's more replaceable than my other knives and probably legal in most places.

I also keep an SAK in each of my backpacks, briefcases, messenger bags and at my desk at work, so that I always have a small utility folder available.
I always have at least two:

Bigger folding knife is always a BM 806D2 Axis AFCK when on dry land. Near the beach or on the water, a Spyderco Pacific Salt takes its place.

One of the above is always coupled with a SAK Tinkerer or a LM Juice S4, which actually handle every cutting task except cardboard, rope, or self defense.
I just got geared up for work... and right now I've got:
S&W Rescue Knife w/window punch.
Benchmade Mini AFCK w/ Tanto blade and thumbhole.
Benchmade Leopard
Spyderco Spyderench.

The Emerson Commander is currently out of service for reasons I will wait to discuss until a later time.

Victorinox Tinker for most things.

Gerber keychain thing... kind of like a crappy version of the Victorinox Classic, except it has a folding fingernail clipper. Used for manicure and scissors.

Large drop-point Cold Steel Trail Guide for social work and big cutting jobs; nothing like a big hunk of razor-sharp Carbon V. :D
Always have a folder and a gerber multi tool on me. Most of the time at work its a benchmade 806D2, great slicer, sharpens easily, and its a nice and slim carry peice. I also figure other than being kind of expensive its not too hard to replace.
When I'm not working I'll switch out the benchmade for one of my homemade folders. The last one is actually built heavier than the benchmade, but I don't want to scratch it up too bad or take a chance on it not coming back in one peice when somebody wants to borrow a knife.
Sometimes I carry more than one folder, and more and more now I carry a fixed blade.Especially for work in the winter since I'm usually wearing carharts and have more places to carry it than on my belt.

Anyone else have trouble picking which knife when they get up in the morning? :D


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2 I never go anywhere without my Kershaw Blur half serrated. It is the best knife I have ever owned, I really like the assisted opening, and the Trac Tech handle. I also usually have my victorinox Camp Flame. There is nothing like having a knife with a mini butane torch built into it for lighting cigars
Hmm, let's see.
Cold Steel Vaquero Grande in the right pocket, Cold Steel Pro Lite in the left pocket. Leatherman on my belt, and a small Cold Steel folder with a 0ne inch blade on my key chain. And a Cold Steel fixed blade(can't remember the model name) with a 1.5" blade in my pocket next to my wallet. So, 4. And maybe one or two more if I have on a jacket, depending on what I have in the pockets.
Always carry either a Spyderco Solo or a Camillus Cuda EDC. Sometimes I also carry a CRKT PECK (the itty bitty one).
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