How To Choose "The Next"?

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Oct 8, 2006
I have a .45 Kimber Eclipse which I absolutely adore. It shoots great and is reliable, but I would like to get another 1911. Please note that currently I only own one pistol, one 12 gauge semi auto and one .22 rifle.

I like the Kimber Raptor, but I want to be sure to get a firearm that will be a step up than what I currently have in my Eclipse. Should I go with a higher end Wilson or Les Baer instead?

I also have my eye on the Kimber Stainless Pro Carry II which is offered in .45 or .40... I love the .45, love it! But I was wondering if I should try a different caliber and I have heard good things about the .40 for its size and penetration. I love this:

Here is my beautiful Eclipse (Seriously, how do you beat this? You cant! ):

I suppose I have my mind made up but this whole .40 thoughts are killing me. Maybe I should just go big and get a .44 revolver... That is what I really want but I cant shoot it as fast as the wonderful, beautiful, metal 1911.

S&W 629 Mountain Gun .44MAG
Ask yourself why do I have handguns? If the answer is to protect my bacon, then you should get another copy of the gun you carry. You like Kimber? That's cool, get another. Go to Wal-Mart buy a big plastic tub, fill it full of magazines.

Buy a quality holster and belt. Dry practice, go to the range and shoot, then sign up for a couple of classes.

Do you have handguns to screw around and have fun? Cool too, go buy a .22 pistol and have fun.:)
Next? If you're happy w/ what you already have, what do you want out of your next pistol? Do you already have 100% reliability? do you have the accuracy you want?
Answer that & you'll be that much closer to your next gun ;)
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