How to fit barrel bushing ID to barrel OD

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Dec 3, 2007
deep south texas
Recently purchased an EGW thick flange bushing. The bushing ID is .566 in. according to my calipers. My barrel’s OD is .578 in. It looks like I am going to have to take ~.012 in off the inside of the bushing to get them to mate together. I noticed that the EGW bushing is already clearanced on the top front and the bottom rear. Since I don’t have access to (or the financing for) a bushing reamer, what would be the best way (with hand tools only) to take the ~.012 off the inside of the bushing?
I would use an adjustable hand reamer; you will have to decide just how "tight" you want the fit to be. If you don't have one, try the local college, university, vocational program, or local machine shop. Your task is easy, but requires the right tool.
One home-method is to use a 3/16" wooden dowel wrapped with sand paper. Since you need to remove .012, start with 80 grit paper. You can use masking tape to build up the OD of the dowel and then attach the sand paper to the tape. Chuck the dowel in a drill and go to work. Check the ID of the bushing frequently. Once you start getting close to your goal, switch to 120 and then 320 paper.

This is not the most scientific or accurate way to do it, but it does work. Many years ago, I fitted a bushing this way on an old Argentine Sistema and it shot 1" groups at 25 yards afterward, still using the original barrel.
the problem with the sanding mandrel idea is NO control over concintricity, or cylindricity. As a machinist, I cringe thinking about not doing it the "right" way, even though the results may be satisfactory.

my $.02
I fit a bushing with a dowell and sandpaper. As mentioned by another poster I achieved a good fit but in looking at the contact patch pattern after shooting 200 rounds I noted that I got a bell shaped bore from both ends of the bushing. The contact patch is centered in the bore but very narrow. I found an adjustable hand reamer at Kitts Industrial Tools in Michigan. Cost $13.06 plus shipping.
Not the highest quality reamer but I was able to make it servicable by honing the tool side of the blades not the cutting edge. One pair of the cutters stood .002" higher than the others. The reamers from Brownells and Midway are nearly $50.00. :eek:
The next bushing I fit will happen better and quicker. The sandpaper took a long time.
Joe (but you will probably have to call them 'cause the website is sketchy)
Just remember that you must have enough room at the lower rear for the barrel to drop. Otherwise, you will have the barrel warping and/or the bushing cracking.

I am thinking that he is talking about the OD of the bushing. I use fine sandpaper. I wonder why you got an O/S bushing. Are you trying to put out gnat's eyes 1 at a time?

Thats it Brickeyee.;) It will work for .45s. Brownells calls out size A for .38 and .38 super. Directions say to only turn it into the cut and to take 0.002" to 0.005" per pass.
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