Hunting Coyote in Deep Snow

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Apr 19, 2006
Well with deer and bear season pretty much over up here, I need an excuse to get out in the woods. Up here in New York we have probably just over 3 feet of snow. I've got snow shoes, plenty of state land, an electronic call, and a good .223, however I have little experience going after the coyote. Does anyone have any tips or advice for hunting coyotes in deep snow like this? Any help is appreciated.
Deep snow is generally a major problem because there aren't many rabbits, etc. around for coyotes to eat, so they pretty well move to where there's less snow, more bunnies, i.e. lower elevation. But if there are food sources for the coyotes, they'll stick around. Get some white camo and just call as under normal conditions. Takes a lot of patience and time, but what a grin when one comes in (under any conditions--snow or no!). If you get one in on 1 out of 8-10 locations, you are equaling or bettering the odds.
Well, no luck at all today. I ended up shooting 2 squirrels and trying to use them for bait, nothing touched them.

I saw three turkeys that I stalked within 25 yards of. I decided to use the coyote howl button to see what they'd do, and it didn't bother them at all! I don't know if that means they've never heard a coyote before or they are just that dumb.

I've got 4 buttons on my electronic caller. A dominant coyote howl, and a fawn/rabbit/rodent in distress. Anyone know what order these might work in or is there a startegy to it? No combination seemed to work. I might go out with my box call for turkey next time and see if it works any better.

Atleast I didn't go home empty handed, .223 sure does do a number on squirrel though:evil:

Am I doing something wrong or are there just not that many coyotes to be found around here? A pack of them didn't come running in like the video at gander mountain.
I hear ya

This is my first year hunting coyotes, U.P. of Michigan, lots of snow. I've hunted carcasses and have an electronic call. A friend of mine says he's been using the woodpecker distress call, he thinks that there are alot of people hunting them and that the rabbit distresses are getting used too much. I've been out 15 times at the least, called one close but not close enough, have a 223 savage bolt, gets frustrating buy so much fun .
Dress warm, for starters! :) I'm no expert, but my guess is they're hungry, and that might make them a bit easier to hunt than with no snow - a bit more likely to throw caution to the wind and come to your whimpering rodent call. Not to mention easier to see coming and hit.
I recommend scrapping the electronic call. You'd do far better calling them in with a distress call. I use a Knight & Hale that has different reeds for different animals, works every time. Coyotes aren't dumb, they'll pick up on the broken record effect of an electronic call and high-tail it out of there.

With the distress call, it's hard to screw it up... a coyote will come and check it out even if it's the most awful sounding thing in the woods just to see what the hell's making all that noise.

Be mindful of your surroundings as well, the better you blend in the easier you make it on yourself. Have fun!
If you are using a call for coyotes you need to pick up a locater chip for your electronic call. This will let you know if there is one in the area. Use it wait some 5 minutes use it again, if you haven't gotten a call back move on. Also be careful of how you set your call, they will try to swing down wind of the call and scent you. They will often times approach cautiously and if they cannot see movement (of an animal in distress) they will stop and wait. An easy and cheap way to get them in is to tie a feather on grass or a branch, this will create movement that mimics animal movement for them to key in on. Bait such as fresh killed squirrels will rarely bring them in. Bait usually has to be left several days before they will eat it, the colder it is the longer scent, your scent will linger on it, they will not eat it if they smell you. Rotten meat has a more potent scent and I have seen them come more often to rank meat than fresh stuff. Bait is also best hunted at night, put your position or blind down wind from the bait and if using a blind set it up and leave it when you drop the bait. There can be a lot to it.
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