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hunting, horseback light and fast for hunting and practicality

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by sonier, Apr 10, 2009.

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  1. sonier

    sonier Member

    Mar 29, 2009
    Westcliffe Co.
    well been putting up a lot of infor on horseback camping.

    i think pack horses are way too slow to be used a lot of times. use a system that fits on your saddle. everything you need to survive comfortably can fit with you and your horse. My defination of comfort may scare some people though lol. what can i say im a cowboy/mountainman. i havnt figured really what the heck a cowboy moutainman is yet, but when i do ill tell you all first hows that?

    for your saddle and horse, grab 2 saddle pads these are taken off the horse at the campste. these saddle pads become your pad for your bed trust me they work great.
    a horse blanket to throw underneath the saddle as well. this blanket isnt needed for your horse but RATHER A BLANKET FOR YOUR SELF!!imagine that.
    so get a big enough blanket for you. im talking a wool or synthetic fiber, something very light were not talking a fluffy blanket!

    these saddle horse needs become your easy to carry bedding without rolling up pads. roll up pads are bulky wide AND THEY TAKE UP SPACE AS WELL!

    so we got bedding down rather comfortable i must add. What do i do with my horse after words? well they make some interesting tangle free tether lines that go between trees. its A ROPE wow a rope, and it is strung between trees! wow didnt know you could buy rope at your hardware store and it will do the samething! then they use a leather strap about 4 inchs wide so it wont tie into knots. this strap clips to your horse then clips to your rope!
    this keeps your horse tethered till that big ole cougar trys to eat you all!

    so we got bedding and a tether line!

    food this is a interesting thing the little bags that go on your horse that your riding will hole a good bit of canned food or dehydrated stuff whatever works.
    dehydrated stuff takes water which means a pan so i stay away from it. canned food can weigh a good amount but come ooooonnnnn we are talking one day overnight or 3 days thats not much canned food to bring along.

    heating canned food the easy way! take another can that is empty and cut out the top all the way and the bottom as well, what do you get?! a empty hollow cylinder!!so exciting! so take that can and lift it off the ground about 2 inches. take some green wood and build your self kinda like a tripod to set the can on, the empty one that is. stuff empty can with pine straw twigs and bigger stuff all the way to the top! light the bottom with a good ole BIC! and poof inside that can is a smoking fire which will turn into a blazing fire if ya blow on it some. when its a full fire but your can that your cooking like some beans in the fire inside the cylinder and it gets hot quick and you got instant boiled beans!

    we got food! bedding!!! a horse tether!!!!!!

    what else....

    WATER well water is easy to even get in the desert if you know how. so just look up how to get water in your hunting area and your good, remember make sure you either get a stream or make a little pond in a low spot so your horse can drink.

    one last thing WEAPONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let your horse carry your rifle! but ALWAYS BRIING A PISTOL!! this pistol will be attached to you at all times as well a lighter and maybe what you value the most. remember a horse can throw you off and run away and leave you with no supplies so be carefull

    well im gona go get too sleeping outside figuring what else i can bring along for a short lightweight camp hunt....................

    ohoohohohoohohohohohohoohohohohoohooooooooooooooooooh DONT FORGET A FISHING POLE OR FLYROD!!!!!you always seem to find big fish in streams when ya odnt got a pole lolol :banghead:
  2. bang_bang

    bang_bang Member

    Jun 22, 2006
    Elk Creek, Virginia
    Sounds like a trip to me!

    I'm getting the camping bug again with these sprouts of warm weather. Haven't been in around 2 years. A bunch of us would get together, bring nothing but our sleeping bags, hotdogs, and beer (yeah, we were minors). Usually one of us had a pistol that stayed either in a truck nearby or in a gun case, for the event of skunks or raccoons passing through the area.

    I haven't slept in a tent in years. Just like making a big fire, stretching out my sleeping bag near it, and watching the stars a bit before I fall asleep (or pass out, either one worked). I remember we set one up once, but ended up outside anyways. Gonna have to go round up some friends before too long!
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