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Oct 21, 2004
Marlboro Twp. Ohio
Need some opinions.

Loooking for some new hunting pants after years of trying to wear 4 layers to prevent against wind, cold, rain, snags, whatever....

I would like something that I can use for still hunting in lets say 45 thru 0 degree weather that are gortex. Also must stand up to the briars, tree branchs, and anything else that might snag them. Would really like a carhart type outer material that is gortex and set up for cold weather use with a pair of long johns or thin sweat pants.

Any suggestions? I have been looking at the Cabelas of the world but $200 pants are just to much for this wallet. Thanks everyone.
You are right to use layers, however, you cannot wear cotton. I only wear wool or fleece as under layers, and some gore-tex lightweight pants for a weatherproof outer layer.

I picked up a pair of the top ones for $110 on ebay NWT. They will take all the abuse you want, and keep off the rain and wind. They don't breathe well so they are perfect for still hunting/stalking. A pair of long johns and then loose running pants (wick moisture away) underneath and you are good to the mid 20's. Remember you need to move about to keep the trapped moisture warm otherwise change you base layer. Good luck.
I would recommend a pair of riverswest pants. You can read about this new material at I bought a pair a couple years ago when it was relatively new and unknown. Wore it all week in Alaska camping out on the tundra. They are so warm, you may not have to wear long johns, better than Goretex in strength and waterproofness, and won't snag. I bought them from Riverswest directly but saw them in a recent Cabelas catalog. I believe I paid about $150 for mine - awesome pants!
I find insulated bib overalls better than pants. You never have that breezy spot on your back just above the waist. usually has some good sales about this time of year.
if its not bad out, say in the 20's or higher, i just wear whatever blue jeans i happen to have on hand.

if it is in the 10-20 degree range, i usually will add a layer of long johns.

10 above or colder (i don't hunt when it dips into the negative teens or colder) and i go long johns, blue jeans, and insulated bibs.

the biggest factor for me to keep warm has been boots. i found if my feet are warm, i don't need as many clothes on.

if you go bibs, key and wall both make good inexpensive ones...
Your local army/navy store probably has some surplus wool pants(I think most of them are Swede/German). They're good for stand hunting, keep ya nice and toasty, a little heavy for walking around tho. The material's pretty tough as well. I think they should run around twenty bucks.

I wear a bowhunting designed bib that is water proof and has insulation. Then jeans and long johns when I am ice fishing. I am warm in -20 wind chills. Check out the sales after bow season
I use wool surplus pants (oversize with suspenders) over my blue jeans because 1. They are quiet when walking through brush. Synthetics and most cotton make you sound like a marching band in brush. 2. Good insulation even when wet. And 3. Brown or OD is pretty much invisible to deer. Blue jeans stick out like a sore thumb when you’re moving.
No one wears army surplus BDU pants/jackets? Cheap and works good! Just add some layered long johns underneath when it's cold. Good enough for the Marines good enough for the bucks!

"...$200 pants are just too much...' You're right. That's insane. They'd have to be hand fitted by some super model for that kind of money.
Go into a work clothes supply place. There's a chain up here called Mark's Work Warehouse that sells their own brand of work clothes for reasonable prices. Don't know if they're Stateside. TSC Stores would be another option. Cabela's is great but they're selling to a specific market and the price goes up accordingly for the same thing.
BDU's are a good idea too.
Carrhart or Filson

are both good bets. I've got the insulated bibs from the former for cold weather, chaps from Filson for pushing through brush for pheasants when the temp isn't too cold.
Hunting pants? I'm all for them! :)

For pheasant and grouse hunting, I've got a pair of Filson tin-cloth hunting pants. If it's colder and/or there are LOTS of greenbriars, then I've also got the same thing except as bibs.

In the early-season stuff (ie. when it's warm to hot), I'll wear BDU or BDU-style pants.

For duck and goose hunting, if it's over water, then I'm wearing neoprene bibs. If it's in a field, then insulated camo bibs.

If I had to pare down a lot, then I'd keep only the Filson tin-cloth pants.
I use these........They are very light, waterproof, windproof and excellent all around. You can sit in the wet all day and come out dry.

APX Pants
One thing I forgot is it seems you have to pay to get a quality hunting pant that is dry and quiet. With the exception of wool, in which case the army surplus stuff is pretty cheap.

Carhartts are great, they're warm and durable, but put on a pair and walk through some brush, and every critter within a 1/2 mile will know you're around.

Just some food for thought.
You're supposed to be wearing pants while hunting ?????

I normally just go with a loincloth......

LMBO! I don't know what brand they are, but I like my insulated pants that have zippers that go all the way up the side. In the morning when it's cool, keep them down. By late morning in Oct/Nov, when it's warming up (too) nicely, I can unzip them all the way to the waist and let them dangle and it lets the breeze in and cools me down. Then, evening them down again.
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