I had to defend myself last night

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Jul 8, 2003
Hello guys.

I had a really scary situation yesterday, I'm really glad everything turned ok! Lots of lessons learned, hope you can get something out of it...

12:30 in the night, I was walking my gf home for about 7-8 blocks (for those of you who have visited Peru, it was from the Starbuck's in San Isidro to a couple of blocks past Javier Prado Avenue).Nice quiet "SAFE" area.

We were walking, having a laugh and all the usual stuff. About 2 blocks before you get to the main street, the sidewalks get smaller because there is some nice plants where the sidewalk used to be, so it is 2 people that can just make it tightly on the sidewalk side by side (yes, really short of space). You just can't go right or left (Left is a wall, right is bushes a little higher than my knees).

We were about one and a half block into this sidewalk and we see a Small car (Daewoo Tico) with 4 guys inside going really slowly, one turns his head around and looks at us... i just keep on walking...then they stop at the intersection WHEN THEY HAD A GREEN LIGHT!!! Not another car in the street or the avenue. Right now distance is about 8-9 meters, the 2 back doors open and 2 guys come out of the car, visibly drunk...

" Hola mamacita" (I think it is translated "Yo babe", addressing my gf) and then a really nasty verbal attack on me " Que miras conchatumadre, ah? gringo de mierda, ya te cagaste" (What the f**k are you looking at you sh*t gringo, you are going to get f***ed up!) Pulls a screwdriver (looked like one) and the other one had a pipe (can't really remember what.. looked dark, relatively thin and about half his arm's lenght).

BTW when this dumb HighRoader was in his house, getting ready to go out, he decided to wear this really nice shirt he got from his girlfriend a couple weeks back, and it is kind of tight (in a good sense, I'm fit, no extra fat) so no big guns... my smallest is a Walther P22, so I put it in my pocket (Thin suede holster, not the most comfortable, but gets the job done. Yes, I wear pants with big pockets).

BG's take a step forward, I clear the gun from the pocket (and a lot of cursing out of my mouth) and the guy nearest me (right door of the car) goes running away before I had to shoot... take aim to second attacker, he is now taking "cover" behind th car, just showing his face and a menacing arm.. "Get the f**k out of here NOW!!"you hear me scream.. he keeps cursing and making threaths... guy driving th car yells his friend back in while moving away..he takes a small sprint, and gets in the car.

Now I know I have tons of water in my body! When it was over and we got to the police station to set a record ( gf got plate number.. got to love this girl!) i realized I had sweated through and undershirt and my shirt, "released" some errr...pee....

If i wasn't carrying.. I just don't want to imagine what could have happened.

Now, that P22 felt like a BB gun!!

No shots fired, no one hurt. +1 for the good guys!
BIg Props Amigo! Outnumbered, almost outgunned...kept your head if not your water...:) Get an airweight snubby and give the gf the .22...Well done.
Being stressed about drawing on somebody is nothing to be ashamed about.

When it counted, you kept (enough of) your cool.

Nice work! What are the deadly force laws in Lima, Peru?
Good job. Hopefully I never have to come up against something like that. Have you thought about upgrading to soemthing like a G26 or a maybe a compact 45?
good luck
When fight/flight kicks, the body tries to dump as much unneeded baggage as possible. Lucky ya didn't need to do anything more than pee. :evil:
well done man. I hope to never be in a situation like that, but if i am, I hope to handle it much the same way as you did.
Please consider at least a small 9mm next time. Or even a Makarov or a PPK, they're about the same size as a P22. .22LR ain't going to do much.
Good job defending yourself and your girlfriend!

Don't worry about a little pee. Your body's natural reaction to extreme stress is to stop doing any unnecessary functions (like holding a full bladder), and conserve that energy for the emergency at hand. It just means you're a well-tuned, though slightly moist, fighting machine.
That does sound like a frightening situation, with multiple drunk/drugged BG. A little fluid discharge but you kept your head and handled the situation.

Reminds me of the old joke about mom saying to wear clean underwear, "what happens if you get hit by a car and have to go to the hospital?" to which the kid replies, "I hear the squeal of brakes, look over and see the car about to hit me and presto - dirty underwear!"

gf got plate number.. got to love this girl!

Well done! A woman who keeps her head in this sort of situation sounds like a keeper!
It's better if you keep your commands loud and clear of cursing. Otherwise to a third party it may sound like mutual challenges and mutual combat.

Don't worry about the "accident," that's a very old instinctive reaction. Throwing up as well, to lighten the load as it were and throw off the scent.
Glad you and your gf were unharmed. I wouldn't give the 'fuel drop' another thought you did fine.
I think you did GREAT. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes I feel I may get a little complacent because, "those things don't happen around here".
Outstanding job.

Downloading some class one is absolutely no big deal...

As a deputy, I would have sworn to a clean shoot.... It sounds as if you did exactly the right thing.

Good job. Don't worry about loose bladders, happens a lot. Just think, it could have been much worse. Kidnap for ransom is almost a national sport in some areas down there and then there are the various terror groups like the Shining Path who might have thought you resembled a target group for them. Imagine a couple of dudes bouncing out of the car with AK's already lit!
I guess a .22 in your pocket does beat a bigger gun at home in the safe. ;)

Congratulations on a job well done. :D
Reminds me of the old quote "A .25 in the pocket is always better than a .45 at home." Sounds like you handled the situation well, and it takes a man to admit he wet himself online.
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