I joined the HK-p7 club today!

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Well, i joined the club today. I found this for 575.00. Was on sale from 700.00. I think it's a good deal. Have not shot the thing yet, it got really cold today and I thought I'd get some real work done instead of shoot.

I've taken the pistol down for cleaning and it looks pristine inside, the bore is lovely. I'll probably shoot it tomorrow unless it's so cold i'd have to wear gloves and that wouldn't seem right for a new pistol....


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Very nice. Welcome to the club!

Mine was on sale at the shop marked down from $950 to $720 and I thought I got a good deal! You got me beat on the price, I would have been tempted to buy a second P7 if I came across one for under $600 in good condition.

I'm sure you'll be just as impressed as I was the first time I shot it.;)
nwilliams: thanks! i'm very eager to shoot this pistol. I have read so often what a nice trigger it has, and how accurate and easy it is to shoot. I'll let you know soon.
I own a P7PSP and a P7M8. They are both among the best shooting pistols I own. With a properly built IWB holster they make a great carry piece. I was lucky enough to get a Matt Del Fatti ISP/LP holster for mine. It fits like a glove and fully supports the pistol making wearing it very comfortable. The P7 is a really great design. Accuracy with the 4" fixed barrel and SA trigger is really good. Enjoy.
Ordered one on Monday. It arrived at my FFL today so I should be able to pick it up by the weekend. :)
Wow. This club is growing fast.

Regarding the looks of the pistol. I actually like the looks of the gun. it's not the prettiest thing i've ever seen, but it's functional and it fits the hand well. I think some of my Glocks are physically ugly, but when I put them through their paces they develop an inner beauty because they perform so well.

I have a SIG x-5 and it's probably the nicest looking piece I own, but it's not as reliable as any of my Glocks. It's a terrific pistol though and has a great trigger and incredible accuracy.

I have every hope of this P7 being as reliable as any pistil I own. The reports on these guns are terrific. I also like the purple.reddish tone the guns develop over time. Mine does not have it but i'd not get it refinished if it did.
My only regret is my P7 didn't come in the nice plastic case - it came in a cardboard box covered in stamps and hand written names and the gun's serial number. I would like one of the plastic cases if anyone knows where to find one. Excellent shooter, regardless.


I would like one of the plastic cases if anyone knows where to find one.

They are out there, but you've just got to look. I put a Want To Buy ad in the HKPro forum and had a case for a P7M8 in a couple months. I just got a P7M13 and it only took a couple weeks to find one. Be prepared, like everything else HK, they are NOT CHEAP. Congrats again on your purchase, you're going to LOVE shooting it.
I'll look for one for you.
Thanks! Any help is appreciated.

Back to the subject at hand- P7's. I took temperature readings from the frame with my infrared thermometer the last time I was shooting mine. I've heard various reports about how fast the underside of the frame around the trigger heats up so I thought I'd give it a try.

I fired six strings of five shots each, pausing only to load five rounds into the magazine and load the pistol before firing again.

5 shots - 89.5°F
10 shots - 93°F
15 shots - 100°F
20 shots - 105°F
25 shots - 106°F
30 shots - 110°F

After a 60 second pause I rechecked the temperature to see how quickly it cooled.

30 shots (after 60 sec) - 94°F

To be fair I've heard the heat builds up faster more in the range of 75-150 rounds expended but this should give an idea to those considering the pistol that the overheating issue isn't a big deal in a casual target-shooting environment.
I joined the club a couple of months ago. The Robar NP3 refinishing is very nice:


They do a very nice job on virtually all the parts:


To be fair I've heard the heat builds up faster more in the range of 75-150 rounds expended but this should give an idea to those considering the pistol that the overheating issue isn't a big deal in a casual target-shooting environment.

I have eight mags, or 64 rounds to shoot without much of a long reloading pause, and I can say it's pretty hot after that!! Even shooting fairly slowly, the gun gets uncomfortable after all 64 rounds. The most I've ever shot, without having to put the gun down because it became too unpleasant to hold, was 80 rounds, (back in the day when I had 10 mags).

Your experience may vary, but I'm positive I'd never get through 150 rounds bare handed.
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I'll have to try another test with more ammo to see where it really starts to ramp up. I had only brought a 100 pack of Winchester white box and a dozen or so loose rounds, so 30 was all I had left that afternoon.
The heat build-up is one of the reasons that most of us have more than one of these babies, one cools while you shoot the other. Then again, some of us have 8 or 9. Geesh.
I finally shot mine. Box of Federal and a box of mixed range leftovers (partial boxes of various brands mixed).

It was very cool here in Alabama so gun heating was not a problem, actually it felt pretty good.

The trigger on this baby is super. No trigger would ever have to be better than this.

The gun shoots spectactularly in every regard. 100 perfect rounds. This pistol is a bargain at any price.

I don't know what else to say except get one!
m2steven: I love seeing these reactions after folks fire a P7 the first time. I remember vividly the first time I shot mine, and the HUGE grin I had on my face the rest of the afternoon. It just is SO DIFFERENT than any other gun I had ever shot, and the accuracy is hard to believe for a 4" barrel. Welcome to the club!!
Thanks! the pistol is truly terrific. I am smiling! It's as good as everyone says it is. I of course think mine is better :) But it's super accurate. I attribute a lot of that to the incredible trigger pull. It's hard to describe how great it is. The gun is super easy to point and the trigger is simply not a factor in keeping the sights on the target.

Love it. I wish I had purchased one earlier. I ended up with one with the Trussvillle, Al. marking, and I live in Trussville, Al - so i'm thrilled with that.
Glad to hear you are as impressed as I was and it's always nice to have your home town printed on the side of your gun!

I also can't believe I waited so long to buy one and I definitely see more of these particular guns in my future, hopefully an M8 someday but another P7 would be fine with me:D
I'm looking at having mine prettified... torn between Robar NP3 and Mahovsky Metalife... need some grips, too. Wish XS made Big Dot sights for the PSP, too.
Finally got to shoot my p7. Only did 50 rounds. It didn't get too hot but it started emitting a weird smell after shooting. It must have came from the slide as the slide itself still has that weird smell after it cools down. Maybe it's the type of metal they use for the slide.
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