I may have a Mark problem.


Mar 17, 2015
Nostramo (in absentia), Segmentum Ultima
Hit the show today to offload a couple I wasn't in love with. Sold 'em the moment we walked in the door for asking price, so now I'm strolling around with a pocket full of cash....

Was a good show, best selection to be had in a while. Lots of old revolvers and milsurps. Prices between reasonable and silly stupid. Pretty decent crowd.

Nibbled at the hook on a few, but nothing I couldn't live without. On my way out the door when I passed a fella walking in with a gray 90's Ruger box under his arm. He opened it up, "Unfired since I bought it new, $400."
"Sold!" I said.
Ruger Mk2 Target Red Eagle, 7" heavy taper barrel.
Included all the original goodies including Ruger scope mount and 2 red medallion magazines.

Gun was just a little dry, but absolute pristine. I believe the dude that it's probably unfired. The bolt has zero scuffing at all.


Fits right in with its' siblings-
Bottom to top: 1959 4" Standard, 1976 7" Mk1 Liberty Edition, 1983 6" Mk2 taper barrel, and the new arrival 2005 Red Eagle. Welcome to the family!

I don't have a problem. I can stop whenever I want.
I swear. 😁
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What wrong with a Mark problem?
(Italian mobster voice) "Do we have a problem here?" ;)

So, this is an interesting gun. I was trying to date it, since I thought most Red Eagles were '99 50th Anniversary models, but clearly this one doesn't have the red box or engraved receiver. The 226 prefix serial number matches the number on the box listed as a MK678 model, images of which confirm they had the long heavy barrel, adjustable sights, and red eagle grips. This would make it one of the very last MK2s with production in 2005.
Its also drilled and tappped, like the Competition Models (with plug screws in place) and the mount is a Ruger-stamped rail rather than the more common one that utilized proprietary Ruger rings. No rings appear to have been included with this gun as the special ones weren't needed.
At least you're buying stuff you like and not stuff you're looking at 2 hours later and asking "why??"
GUILTY! but not really. How you know you like or dislike something until you try

T-Sauce with a polish job will feed anything including, just loaded 200gn SWC with a thumbnail of shoulder!
I have a MKII like that. I'm not sure of the different models, but mine has a 7'' tapered target barrel. I think there were some slab sided target barrels also.

The fact that yours is D/T for optics would tell me it's one of the last MKII Ruger produced. That wasn't common until MK III. It's also possible that Ruger did the work after it was sold, but unlikely. I had them D/T mine for a rail and a dot. More fun than should be legal. Younger folks relate because it's like a video game.

I also have a dot on a 625-8. Nothing on a carry. I don't trust myself with that new tech in a chips-are-down situation.

400 bucks. You should have bought that guy lunch.
Haha, no but there was some good stuff. A guy just a few steps ahead of me scored a clean M1903 Springfield for $750. One table had a nice nickled snubby M10 for $425 (almost went back for that one). There were a few Garands in the low $1000s and a .410 H&R Topper for $200 (woulda but it was a full choke).

Many Ruger Marks were on display, but condition was either very poor or they were asking crazy prices. Pretty sure I saw one similar to mine with $850 on the tag. :what: :uhoh:
I kid you not - when I read the thread title, I thought the OP was going to say he ran into 3 or 4 screaming deals on some great stuff and he could only snag one or maybe two of them... something along those lines...

Ha ha!!!! now that FUNNY! my brother in Arkansas says the same thing!

He ask me HOW? I say, benefits of living in a anti-Gun State
they have one of these at a gun shop in Seattle (last gun shop) Crazy Looking

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I bought a 10” blued Mk IV in early 2020. Its a fantastic shooter that is super easy to shoot well offhand.

Best part about the Mk IV is buying 5.5” uppers from Volquartsen for $25 (plus FFL, etc.). It’s like having three guns, cheap.


Stay safe.