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i want to carry a shotgun and pistol from louisiana to florida.

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by cajun47, Aug 4, 2007.

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  1. cajun47

    cajun47 member

    Oct 29, 2006
    do i need any special permits? would a ccw do?
  2. Owen

    Owen Moderator Emeritus

    Dec 24, 2002
    Georgetown, TX
    in your car? All you have to do is put it in a locked container in the luggage compartment of your car, separate from ammo.

    I don't believe you need any sort of permit in LA or FL to possess a shotgun, so you would be protected by FOPA '86.

    If you are walking, I have no idea.
  3. Sunray

    Sunray Member

    May 17, 2003
    London, Ont.
    You'd have to comply with the laws in MS, AL and FL for the handgun. Assuming you're driving. Mississippi does not require permits to own a handgun and they recognise other State's CCW's with no fuss. Alabama says an out of State CCW must be from a State that has a reciprocal CCW agreement with them, but has no possession permit. Florida requires no permit to possess any firearm and recognises other State CCW's too.
    Sounds like you're all set if LA has the agreement with AL. The NRA's gun law site doesn't mention anything about non-resident CCW in LA.
  4. Souris

    Souris Member

    Jul 17, 2005
    South of Canada
    Do you have a CCW?
    Alabama requires a CCW to travel with a pistol in an automobile.

    § 13A-11-73. License to carry pistol in
    vehicle or concealed on person --
    No person shall carry a pistol in any vehicle or
    concealed on or about his person, except on his
    land, in his own abode or fixed place of business,
    without a license therefor as hereinafter provided.

    § 13A-11-74. License to carry pistol in
    vehicle or concealed on person --
    The provisions of Section 13A-11-73 shall not apply
    to marshals, sheriffs, prison and jail wardens and
    their regularly employed deputies, policemen and
    other law enforcement officers of any state or
    political subdivision thereof, or to the members of
    the army, navy or marine corps of the United States
    or of the national guard, or to the members of the
    national guard organized reserves or state guard
    organizations when on duty or going to or from
    duty, or to the regularly enrolled members of any
    organization duly authorized to purchase or
    receive such weapons from the United States or
    from this state; provided, that such members are at
    or are going to or from their places of assembly or
    target practices, or to officers or employees of the
    United States duly authorized to carry a pistol, or
    to any person engaged in manufacturing, repairing
    or dealing in pistols, or the agent or representative
    of such person possessing, using, or carrying a
    pistol in the usual or ordinary course of such
    business, or to any common carrier, except
    taxicabs, licensed as a common carrier, or to any
    person permitted by law to possess a pistol while
    carrying it unloaded in a secure wrapper, from the
    place of purchase to his home or place of business,
    or to or from a place of repair or in moving from
    one place of abode or business to another.
    reason given for desiring a license. The original
    thereof shall be delivered to the licensee, the
    duplicate shall, within seven days, be sent by
    registered or certified mail to the Director of Public
    Safety and the triplicate shall be preserved for six
    years by the authority issuing the same. The fee for
    issuing such license shall be $1.00 which shall be
    paid into the county treasury. The sheriff may
    revoke a license upon proof that the licensee is not
    a proper person to be licensed.
  5. shc1

    shc1 Member

    Jan 2, 2007
    Drive safe.
  6. Sistema1927

    Sistema1927 Member

    May 21, 2004
    "Land of (dis)Enchantment"

    The safe passage requirements of FOPA '86 will allow you to transport your firearm through any state just so long as it is encased, locked, and inaccessible. It doesn't matter what the laws of MS or AL (or even CA, NY, or NJ) are just so long as you are traveling through.
  7. MaterDei

    MaterDei Member

    Sep 23, 2003
    Alabama doesn't honor the TX CHL. :fire:

    EDIT: Apparently this has changed. Yippee!
  8. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect Member

    May 17, 2007
    Blue ball, unfashionable end of the Galaxy
    Owen is correct. You do not need any special permits, but it must be unloaded and locked in the trunk. Mags cannot be loaded either.

    It's called the right to interstate transport or "safe passage". Federal law. It trumps all state/local laws.

    Here is the actual law:




    Sec. 926A. Interstate transportation of firearms

    Notwithstanding any other provision of any law or any rule or
    regulation of a State or any political subdivision thereof, any person
    who is not otherwise prohibited by this chapter from transporting,
    shipping, or receiving a firearm shall be entitled to transport a
    firearm for any lawful purpose from any place where he may lawfully
    possess and carry such firearm to any other place where he may lawfully
    possess and carry such firearm if, during such transportation the
    firearm is unloaded, and neither the firearm nor any ammunition being
    transported is readily accessible or is directly accessible from the
    passenger compartment of such transporting vehicle: Provided, That in
    the case of a vehicle without a compartment separate from the driver's
    compartment the firearm or ammunition shall be contained in a locked
    container other than the glove compartment or console.

  9. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect Member

    May 17, 2007
    Blue ball, unfashionable end of the Galaxy
    Here's what Wiki says about it:

    Firearm Owners Protection Act

    "Safe passage" provision
    One of the law's provisions was that persons traveling from one state to another for a shooting sports event or any other lawful activity cannot be arrested for a firearms offense in a state that has strict gun control laws if the traveler is just passing through (short stops for food and gas) and the firearms and ammunition are securely locked, unloaded, and not immediately accessible.

    An example of this would be that someone driving from Virginia to a competition in Vermont with a locked hard case containing an unloaded handgun and a box of ammunition in the trunk could not be prosecuted in New Jersey or New York City for illegal possession of a handgun provided that he did not stop in New Jersey or New York for an extended period of time.

    With these considerations in mind, it is advisable for travelers with firearms to maintain a low profile while passing through any such states that have severe restrictions on gun ownership.

    This law is based on the doctrine of legal preemption in that people traveling between states fall under the jurisdiction of federal law which overrides state law.

  10. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect Member

    May 17, 2007
    Blue ball, unfashionable end of the Galaxy
    A printed hotel reservation or some other document to prove your final destination would be helpfull in proving your "transport".
  11. another okie

    another okie Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    You're not a female astronaut, are you?
  12. 45crittergitter

    45crittergitter Member

    Sep 24, 2003
    In MS, if you are 18 or older, not a criminal and not under the influence, you may carry both guns loaded, concealed or not, in you car without a permit.
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