I was frying up some eggs for my breakfast this morning.

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I like simple, cast iron and butter for my eggs, 1911 with FMJ. Both work like they should. All my Marlins work just fine without any major tweaking. As for Reminton 742-7400 series, maybe a bad design, never liked em. I traded mine off for a Marlin. I had 2 rifles in .308, and tried the moly coated bullets, didn't find much of a difference in performance or accuracy. A little play with technology may be good exercise for the brain, but my brain is happy right now just like it is. I'm still impressed with the other posters and their knowledge, though. There's some pretty smart people on this Forum.
Have you ever had a round stuck in the chamber? Not just a failure to extract - I'm talking STUCK.

Yup. Wolf 9mm in my FEG HP clone. Happened about once per mag. I'm still kicking myself for shooting up my purchase of 500 rounds of Wolf 9mm and banging the stuck cases out with a dowel every time I shot it. I had to replace my extractor shortly after that, too.

I have buddy who's into class III. He shoots his full-auto Ruger Mini-14 a lot. He says it used to jam with the old lacquered Wolf .223. Lots of FTE's. But since Wolf went to their polymer .223, he has not had a jam.

So maybe the polymer case is slicker? Maybe other mfgrs ought to look at polymer cases?
I, for one, really enjoy reading when the guys who really understand why guns go boom when you squeeze that trigger thingy, talk about the backstage stuff that occurs when you do that thingy pully thingy. :D :D
I'd worry about bolt thrust - eventually with cases that are too slick, you're going to run into weakening of the lugs, which could eventually cause a dynamic insertion of the bolt into the forehead of the nut behind the rifle's buttplate.

Nickel plating is used because it doesn't rust/corrode appreciably - This allows the cases to feed reliably - if you carry self defense ammo in an automatic, the cases should be nickel.

You're also going to run into decreased brass life, as you'll likely get erratic sealing/stretching. Not a good thing.

If you're looking for reliability, keep things clean. Use slightly undersized ammo to start with, etc.
I always thought in an opposite manner. Why not coat the moving / friction bearing parts of the receiver with the Non stick teflon pan type coating? It might eliminate the need for lubricants that can attract and hold dust and dirt found in places like the Sandbox.
Why no Teflon Coated Brass?

This is America...

Teflon's been around since GOD was a baby (well ;) - maybe not that long)...

In all that time since Teflon was invented I can't believe no one thought of coating brass with teflon before...

Lotsa smart folks in America...

Occam's Razor - someone did - or some company did and found out it didn't work...

If it did work someone would be selling it right now and making money doing it...

This is - after all - America...
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