First Smith is as Follows:
a) 357
b) 2.5"
c) Round
d) 6
e) Fixed Front, Rear Adj.
f) "ALCxxxx" stamped on butt of handle.
g) 66-2

Second Smith as follows: Pinned and Recessed
a) 357
b) 3.5"
c) Square
d) 6
e) Fixed Front, Rear Adj.
f) N63xxxx, "N" stamped on cylinder
g) 27-2

Third Smith as follows: Pinned and Recessed
a) 22
b) 6"
c) Square
d) 6
e) Fixed Front, Rear Adj.
f) K24xxxx on butt and under barrel covered by ejector rod, N147 under barrel covered by crane, 147 on crane,
g) K22 I presume
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You have a post war .38 Military & Police manufactured between 1948 & 1951. It has the modern hammer block safety and short throw hammer. In 1957 thr .38 Military & Police became the Model 10, which with some small changes is still manufactured today.
C154xxx is the serial number, 86113 is an assembly number used to track fitted parts in the factory. Assembly numbers are irrelevant once the gun is completed.

the information above applies to your gun.

66-2 dates to November/December 1985.
27-2 dates to 1979-1980.
K22 Masterpiece dates to 1955. N147/147 are assembly numbers used to track parts in the factory and are irrelevant once the gun is complete.
RADAGAST, thank you for the info. The hammer block safety fell off in my lap the first time I took it apart. I had no idea what it was till I found some pics and put it back where it went. Thank you again for your time.
chromerunner: You have a prewar .38 Regulation Police Manufactured between 1917 & 1940 in the serrial range 1 to 54474. The Standard Catalog of S&W records guns in the serial range 47440 to 48127 shipping in January 1938, so I would guesstimate yours as being from the early to mid 30s, but only a factory letter from S&W at a cost of $50 would confirm this. The great depression would have slowed production, so accurately guesstimating production runs/times is not possible.
The factory finish was blue, so your gun has been refinished unless it was a special order.
Before I type any thing else, thank you :) this a pretty solid thing your are doing for the THR community, much appreciated..

a) caliber..........357
b) bbl length......8 3/8
c) grips shape.....square
d) number of shots/cylinder bores.....6
e) type of sights....fixed front, adj back
f) serial number, and if there is a letter in front of or anywhere near the s/n on the bottom of the grip.....M729**
No model number I can find..
An M prefix would make it a .22lr, assuming that the number you gave was taken fron the bottom of the grip frame where the serial number is located.
If you took the number from inside the cylinder yoke then it is an assembly number used to track fitted parts in the factory and not relevant once the gun is assembled.
For the moment I am going to assume it is an N prefix which is correct for the .357 magnum.

N729xx makes your gun a Model 27-2 manufactured between 1969 & 1972. The model number should be stamped on the frame inside the cylinder yoke cut out. The 8 & 3/8 inch barrel wasn't introduced until 1975 though, so this doesn't fit.

If the serial number is N729xxx (one extra digit) then it is a 27-2 manufactured in 1980, which does work.
Well I can rule it out being a 22lr..either that or I have been seriously overfeeding this thing..So I popped the grips and found the same number 729** is stamped there just like the yoke, no offending M..Just 5 digits..If it helps other than being a .357 this gun is identical to my 626 44.
I took the .357 to a gun store this morning and the man there couldnt give me the DOB either. He looked at it real funny and said I might have a Registerd Magnum..I'm not sure about all that.
The Registered Magnum was and is S&W's finest product. introduced in 1935, each one was registered to the owner by S&W. These were expensive, made to order, hand made quality firearm. In mint condition one could be worth over $10,000 today. Even a poor condition (rusty, unsafe to fire) gun would be worth $500 or more.
The .357 registered Magnum introduced the .357 magnum and was built on the large N frame used for the .44 Special. The same frame size was later used for the .44 Magnum. It came with a target barrel, adjustable sights and fine checkering on the barrel rib, topstrap, forestrap and backstrap. Inside the yoke cut it should say Regxxxx, being the registration number.

According to the Standard Catalog of S&W the Registered Magnum range ran between serial number 45768 and 62489 between 1935 & 1939.

Your gun is well past the serial range for the Registered magnum. In 1948 production began again as the .357 Magnum (no registration number). Yours should be one of these made between 1948 & 1850 and considered a transitional model between the old 'long action' and the new 'short action' introduced around serial number S75514 around November 1950.
There is supposed to be an S prefix to the serial number to denote the new hammer block safety introduced in 1944. If yours lacks the S then it may not have the hammer block.

The Standard Catalog of S&W noted the following values in 2006:
ANIB $1200, Excellent $850, Very Good $500, Good $375, Fair $275, Poor $125. Prices have increased since then. The SCSW also notes that there were 6 or fewer transitional models made with an 8 inch or longer barrel, so your gun may be worth a considerable premium as three are already accounted for: one went to President Truman, one went to Remington as a test gun and one went to Major General Julian Hatcher at the NRA.

I would recommend you spend $50 and get a factory letter from Roy Jinks the S&W historian. He will look up the original shipping records and tell you where it was shipped to, when, and in what configuration.

Also please post some pictures. You have an interesting rarity. I'm sure Oro, Oyeboten, Saxon Pig, Peter M. Eick and the other S&W collectors will be very interested.
Hey guys,

I picked up a mint condition S&W 14-3 with target trigger at the gun show today, and was trying to determine its age. Would early 1970s be accurate? Here are the specs.....

a) 38 special
b) 8 3/8 inch barrel
c) square grips
d) 6
e) partridge sights
f) 1K778xx
g) model 14-3

I got it to keep my 8 3/8 barrel 686 and 629 company. :D
Smith & Wesson 22 LR K 22 Target masterpiece S/N 309xxx barrel marked "22 long rifle ctg." With additional 22 Magnum cylinder marked 878601 46 the mag cylinder looks unfired.
What can you tell me about the 22 mag cylinder??? Was it original with this gun or bought as an optional seperate item???
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Thanks for maintaining this thread:

a) .38SPL
b) 4" tapered
c) square
d) 6 shot
e) half-round with ramp and rear notch
f) 5D580xx
g) 12-3

32687 on the inside of the yoke, with F12, twice as large, unevenly stamped and INVERTED above the 32687.

Just got this from a customer who has fired 12 rounds through it during the 19 years he had it. His wife can't do the DA pull on it and is looking for a .22 revo with a lighter and smoother DA for home protection.
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The Model 12 Military & Police Airweight is an aluminum framed gun with a steel barrel and cylinder. The frame on the 12-3 is slightly thinner than the steel K frame so standard K frame grips may not fit flush to the grip frame. In 2006 the Standard Catalog of S&W gave a value of $375 in excellent condition, $470 ANIB.
Your gun was made in 1979.
32687 is an assembly number used to track parts in the factory. I'm not sure what the F12 signifies.

Bru 88:
If your serial number is K309xxx then your gun dates to 1957. If there is no K prefix then you are probably quoting an assembly number. The third model K22 started at K101, with serial numbers on the butt of the frame, cylinder face, yoke, behind the extractor star and on the barrel flat. The first and second models had serial numbers in the 600000 range.
The Model 48 K22 Masterpiece Magnum Rimfire was introduced in 1959 at serial number K348746. An auxiliary .22 lr cylinder and yoke were available as an option. It appears to me that at some point a .22 magnum cylinder was purchased, but not necessarily fitted to your gun. As the .22 Magnum is slightly wider than the .22lr it may not be a good idea to try and shoot it with magnum rounds. If the spare cylinder is marked K878601 then it dates to 1969 and probably came off an assembled gun. If it lacks the K prefix then the numbers are assembly numbers and not useful for dating the cylinder.
Thank you in advance. This is an excellent thread, keep up the great work.

A-32 Winchester CTG
D-6 shot
G-16095 or B476xx

Any info would help alot, just aquired this and dont know anything about it. Does it shoot 32 win short or long or 32-20?
Thanks again!:)