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Feb 17, 2011
Central Virginia
I'm working on a gun list and doing some research. If you could only have one gun in each of the following categories, what would it be. List your pick and caliber in each of these categories.

.22 Rifle

Hunting Rifle- Bigger than .223- bolt, semi, pump, lever, etc.

Tactical Range Rifle- AR, AK kind of gun- in all, a screwing around gun.

Target Shotgun- o/u, semi preferably, maybe pump for trap.

Hunting Shotgun- upland, ducks, geese

Tactical Shotgun- 870 tac, M500,590, benelli m4 etc.

Please no caliber wars but discussions are more than welcome.

Range, target handgun- full size preferably- any caliber

Carry handgun- preferably compact-any caliber
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Where's the target shotgun? Why do so many here forget that shotgun target shooters fire more rounds than any other group?

22 - Anshutz 54 or Remington 54HB
Hunting rifle - Remington 700 BDL, 7mm mag
tactical range gun - no need for one
Hunting shotgun - AyA model 53, 12 gauge, fixed chokes of IC/IM
tactical shotgun - no need for one
range target handgun - S&W 52, second choice, S&W K38
carry gun - Rohrbaugh 9mm

Target shotgun - Perazzi MX-8
.22 Rifle- Henry octagon barrel .22lr, l, s

Hunting Rifle- Sako 85 Bavarian .30-06

Tactical Range Gun- KAC SR-15

Target shotgun- Browning citori 625 sporting 12- shooting 94s on clays with this consistently.

hunting shotgun- benelli supersport for upland 12

tactical shotgun- benelli m4

target handgun- les baer concept 1 or cz75 bd in 9 colt python would be 3rd choice

carry gun- ruger lcr
.22............. 10/22
hunting rifle.......S & W '06
Tactical range gun...........Son's AK
Target shotgun...........O/U Krieghoff
Hunting shotgun..............pre 79 1100
Tac shotgun.....Streetsweeper or pre 79 870 Wingmaster
Handgun?????...I don't own one but maybe the Judge
Any long gun that is solid 14K GOLD with Diamond Studs.
Preferably with a heavy barrel (you know, the 2" diameter jobs)! :D:D

OK, the reason I would pick this particular gun would be entirely for the value of the gold and the diamonds.

$500,000 (or more) could buy me a lot of guns, or a car and guns, or a motor home, etc.
That is why I want a solid gold long gun with heavy barrel. I don't care about shooting it. Melt it down and make gold bars out of it for all I care - just give me what the gold and diamonds are worth after you melt it down.
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22 Rifle--Marlin Glenfield M60

Hunting Rifle- Bigger than .223--Remington M700 30-06

Tactical Range Rifle- AR15

Target Shotgun- Remingtom M870

Hunting Shotgun- Remington M870

Tactical Shotgun- Remington 870

Range, target handgun- Ruger MkII

Carry handgun- Commander sized 1911
.22 Rifle - marlin model 925m in .22mag

Hunting Rifle- marlin 336w in 30-30win

Tactical Range Rifle- most likely an ar15 20" barrel, without all the rails and extra stuff all over it. i like to keep it simple

Target Shotgun- mossberg 500 with field barrel (im really not all that into shotguns)

Hunting Shotgun- same as above. i dont hunt birds so i'll take a fully rifled barrel for deer season

Tactical Shotgun- 18" cylinder bore barrel for the 500

Range, target handgun- i finances allowed it would be a les bear 1911 in .45acp. if not, i would have to make it a 6" gp100 in .357 so it could double as a hunting pistol.

Carry handgun- this is a tough one. probably a glock 23. i have never shot one but the 3.8 XDm looks pretty good. hope to nab one before TOO long.

all in all i like to keep it pretty basic. i dont do any big game hunting and in all reality the 30-30 will take anything in the lower 48 i will ever run into. only one .22! that was a tough one! ive hunted squirrel with my marlin model 60 with favorable results and its a great gun, but i REALLY prefer to chase them tree rats with the .22mag!
.22 - Probably a 10/22, mainly because they have so many aftermarket parts
Hunting rifle - Savage, probably a 30-06 or .308 bolt
Tactical - AR 15

hunting - 870
Tactical - Bernelli M4

CCW #1 - SW 686 .357
CCW #2 - 1911

I don't own a target <anything> so can I trade my target shotgun for an AR 10 or 9mm?
1) Ruger 10/22

2) Remington Model 700 CDL DM

3) AR-15

4) Browning BT-99

5) Browning 625 Sporting

6) Benelli M4

7) Colt M1911 with Marvel .22LR conversion unit

8) Ruger SR9c

And since there are three categories for rifle and three for shotgun, I think Handguns deserves one more as well: Revolvers-Range/Hunting/Target. So my "right-in" choice would be:

9) S&W Model 686
.22 Rifle ---would be my 10-22

Hunting Rifle- Bigger than .223- bolt, semi, pump, lever, etc.---If only one...i'd have to say a Savage .300 Win Mag

Tactical Range Rifle- AR, AK kind of gun- in all, a screwing around gun.---To be honest I don't screw around with guns, but if budget wasn't an issue i'd go with the Ruger 556

Target Shotgun- o/u, semi preferably, maybe pump for trap.---Drawing a blank

Hunting Shotgun- upland, ducks, geese---Remington 870 express 12 gauge or the new Benelli Vinci would be pretty awesome

Tactical Shotgun- 870 tac, M500,590, benelli m4 etc.---That little Mossberg JIC shotgun would be cool

Please no caliber wars but discussions are more than welcome.

This is where it gets difficult. Only 2 handguns!!!!

Range, target handgun- full size preferably- any caliber---Toss up, 629 classic 5" or a Glock 22

Carry handgun- preferably compact-any caliber---Same answer as above
.22 Rifle-Ruger 10/22 with a scope, Hogue Stock, Bipod, Bull barrel

Hunting Rifle-Savage Axis Stainless Steel 30-06-Actually gotta change this to a Savage Classic 300 wsm

Tactical Range Rifle-Black Scar-17 .308/7.62x51 Nato

Target Shotgun-RandRracing(RandRtargets?)converted Saiga 12

Hunting Shotgun-Remington 1100 12 gauge

Tactical Shotgun-Above Saiga 12

Range, target handgun-Kimber 1911 full size

Carry handgun-Para Nite Hawg
Some of these, like the shotguns, might get moved around a bit ie, I'd use the hunting shotgun as a target shotgun and the target shotgun as a tactical shotgun every now and then.

22 Rifle - Remington Sportking.

Hunting Rifle- Savage 111 30-06 bolt gun

Tactical Range Rifle- This is the tough one, cause I like AKs, but a 308 would be really handy. I think I'd go with a M1a, because I think its better to have overkill than not bring enough gun.

Target Shotgun- Mad Max style sawn of SXS
Hunting Shotgun- Remington 870 with 28" vent rib barrel, and 20" ghost ring sight barrel.

Tactical Shotgun- Saiga 12

Range, target handgun- Ruger Redhawk 44 magnum

Carry handgun- not compact, but a 1911 in 45. I'd find a way to conceal it
Here's my list. I tried to keep it within reason price wise. If my budget was limitless, it might be different.

.22 Rifle - Browning BL-22

Hunting rifle - Remington 700 BDL .308

Tactical rifle - S&W M&P-15 .223

Target shotgun - Beretta Golden Snipe 12ga O/U

Hunting shotgun - Winchester Model 12 12ga

Tactical shotgun - Remington 11-87 Police 12 ga

Range/target handgun - S&W 1911 .45ACP

Carry handgun - Glock 23 .40S&W
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List your pick and caliber in each of these categories.

.22 Rifle - Ruger 77/22 [bolt (have)]

Hunting Rifle- Oberndorf Mauser 98 in 9.3x62 (bolt)

Tactical Range Rifle- Draco AK47 in 7.62x39 converted to SBR [semi-auto (working on)]

Target Shotgun- Browning Citroi White Lightning in 20 gauge, 28" barrels [O/U (have)]

Hunting Shotgun- Parker Bros. VH in 20 gauge, 28" barrels (SxS) Currently using a Fox/Sterlingworth in 20 gauge, 28" barrels.

Tactical Shotgun- Red Jacket Saiga Conversion in 20 gauge, 12" barrel (semi-auto)

Range, target handgun- Colt Python in .357 mag., 6" barrel (revolver)

Carry handgun- Custom Combat Commander in .45acp [semi-auto (in the works! :D)]
.22 Rifle Marlin 39A

Hunting Rifle- Ruger 77/22 MK II all weather

Tactical Range Rifle- M4 of some sort

Target Shotgun- Ruger Red Label 20g SxS

Hunting Shotgun- same as above

Tactical Shotgun- 870 or 500

Range, target handgun- full size preferably- Colt Python

Carry handgun- FNP 9 semiauto/ S&W mod 10 3" revo
I wish people said why they chose what they chose, so, here goes! Also, if money was limitless, some, but not all, would be different. (the second parentheses is my status of ownership)

.22 Rifle- ruger 10/22 (no explanation needed besides that i'll be forever in love with mine!) (i have)

Hunting Rifle- winchester model 70 in 30-06 (I have great respect for the new model 70 and the pre- 64 model 70, as well as for the 30-06) (very, very soon, though in .308)

Tactical Range Rifle- any semi- auto .308 (FAL, M1A, AR10, etc.) (I want something more powerful than 5.56 that can sling a lot of lead!:cool:) (someday in the next few years, I hope!)

Target Shotgun- listed below, so, can this category be filled by a S&W M&P 15T??:eek: (I don't do much "target shotgun" shooting, besides a round of skeet every now and then, so I don't really need one)

Hunting Shotgun- anything semi auto, probably benelli or mossberg (I'm not too particular here, as long as it's reliable and relatively inexpensive) (will get soon)

Tactical Shotgun- benelli m4 (no particular reason, besides reliability) (not anytime soon:()

Range, target handgun- M1911 with "some work done" - would be my open carry gun as well (you mean there's other automatic pistols besides the 1911???:evil:) (within this year- 100th anniversary!)

Carry handgun- any commander sized 1911, in .45 of course!:D (once I'm old enough to legally carry)

I agree, 1 more pistol category; revolver: Smith and Wesson model 29 .44 mag just like dirty harry's:evil:... (hey, why not!, and no, i'm not obsessed with dirty harry!:uhoh:) (not anytime soon)
I can get by with an AR-15 (M-4 type) with ACOG, and M-9 or M-11 pistol, and my Benelli M-2.

A few others would be nice, but these three will fill every niche for me.
Not a hunter

I'm not a hunter so I can only pick from the catagories that I participate in. Self defense shotgun Mossberg 590,Tactical rifle Daewoo k-2 compact handgun Springfield Armory XD in 9MM.
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