I'm moving...

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Atom Smasher

Aug 28, 2011
...from one urban area to another. In July I'm moving to St. Louis and I would like to try and get in on deer season in Missouri. Can any locals shoot me a PM with good spots to hunt around the St. Louis area? I'm hunting with centerfire rifle. Don't care about awesome racks, just want some deer meat for the winter.
World record non-typical was found dead near St. Louis years ago. However, hunting near any large urban area is going to be restrictive. A lease or traveling to a public hunting area are your best bets.
Only public land I can think of is down south in the Ozarks and around Lake Wappapello. Which is supposed to be pretty good. But it's a several hour dive from STL. You could also check out the northern reaches of Mark Twain park, those should be closer. Or, my favorite option, buddy up with someone has land a little bit outside of the city.
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