IMR 4198 in 357 Mag?

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Aug 16, 2005
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Does anyone have any load data for IMR 4198 in 357 Mag? Hogdon's Lil-Gun can be used for both 357 and 44 mag, and since the relative burn rate is simmilar, I was wondering if you could do the same thing with 4198. I have e-mailed IMR, and I'm waiting for a reply, but I thought I would ask you all as well. This will go in my TC contender 10" 357.

It doesn't seem like 4198 would be suited to 357. Go with what the maker says, but I would guess you couldn't get enough in the case to get enough velocity or even enough pressure to get it to work well.
In my 10" TC 357 I get excellent results using the tried and true 296 and H110 powders. In my manuals I have never seen 4198 listed for use in 357 mag. In my Hornady manual it is not even listed for use the 357 Maximum TC.

I my most recent Hornady manual LIL' Gun is listed as 51st on the burn rate list and IMR 4198 is 62nd.
Speeking of Burn Rate.

Thanks for the reply's so far; please keep them coming. The reason I originaly posted this question is, in my Lyman manual (the new one), Lil-Gun and IMR 4198 are listed right next to each other. From what YodaVader said, this isn't the case in some other manuals. Any thoughts?

IMR 4198 is a rifle powder not suitable for standard handgun use. There are some pistols that fire rifle cartridges like .223 221Fireball and other but in a revolver or semi auto no. Burning rate is too slow
You could try...but why?

One thing about reloading is you can experiment (the successful ones write about it, the unsuccessful can't type anymore). But consider the increasing charge weight with decreasing burn rate. In .357 to get 158s between 1000 to 1200 fps you can do:

6 gr Bullseye
7.5 gr Unique
9.5 gr Blue Dot
14.5 gr 2400
15 gr W296
15 gr H4227

Then maybe 16 or 17 gr of 4198? Would it fit? Maybe. Would it shoot? Probably, but not as fast as with say W296. What would the advantage be? If you find out. Let us know.
Very odd, Hodgdon's burn rate chart lists 4198 as slower than Reloder7, and much slower than Lil'Gun, H110 and 4227. But if you download Vihtavuori's load guide, the burn rate chart lists 4198 as faster than Lil'Gun, 4227 etc

I think I would follow the Hodgdon data chart, simply because they make both powders and should know the burn rates more accurately. According to Hodgdon's chart 4198 would be too slow to burn efficiently in the 357 Magnum case - resulting in slow velocities and a dirty load due to unburned powder.
Okay, That's settled.

Hey there;

Thanks one and all for all of the info. Even though I only reload 357 for a 10" TC Contender, this powder is obviously not going to fit the bill for what I am doing. If I didn't like the way Lil-Gun lets me print one hole 5-shot groups at 100 yards with my 21" TC barrel, I might think about trying a different powder for that round, but for now, I think the only help that one needs is the guy behind the trigger.

Thanks again,

There is nothing that can be done with 357 magnum that hasn't already been done before. Go with the proven performers.
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