Installing M&P Bowie Night Sights (with a steel punch)

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Dec 25, 2009
I have read a number of threads about using brass and/or nylon punches to install new sights (Night Sights in my case). Well, my night sights arrived yesterday and I didn't have a nylon or brass punch, but I DO have a steel punch. First thing I noticed is that the allen wrench that came with the new night sights (made specifically for the M&P) does not fit the screw that holds the (stock) rear sight in place. Hmmmm. Oh well, I'll just go ahead and replace the front sight and see whether a steel punch will work. Yup, it does work. I was as careful as I could be and it was a bitch to get out but get it out I did.... eventually. Tapped in the new sight and spent considerable time trying to center it, which I think I accomplished. Now I'm getting to the point of the story. If you HAVE to replace sights with a steel punch it CAN be done, HOWEVER: If I could do it all over again I would wait to get the brass, or better yet take it to someone qualified. The post mortem is that I dinged the slide a little where the dove tail slot begins. So the moral, haste makes waste and always have the proper tool(s). Now, can anyone tell me how to touch up a small ding on an M&P slide?:banghead:
How do you like those sights? My M&P has been a pleasure since I did a trigger job on it and now I'm looking at sights.
Night sites should be installed with a pusher, NOT a punch.

The tritium vials can be broken from the impact, leaving you with expensive iron sights.

I hope you didn't destroy them, as you likely voided the warranty.
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