Ithaca 37 DS Police Special

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Jan 25, 2010
Just picked up a 1969 Ithaca police special Model 37. It's in fairly good shape. My first Ithaca it is. I looked over some of the old threads here on HR and it seems to be a well thought of gun. I guess there were about 2 million made. The stock is a little rough, as the varnished finish is pealing a bit. I'll probably sand it down and try to do something with that. Any thoughts about this gun? Anything I should be aware of?
It's a good shotgun. I like the Ithaca more than the Rem 870.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you hold the trigger down while cycling it, it will fire as soon as it locks into battery. This is known as slamfiring, and it's safe to do as the shotgun was designed for it.

It's a lot of fun for rattling shots off in a hurry, but there are also some sad stories about sloppy trigger control leading to negligent discharges. Just keep it in mind.
You should know that some people would rather have an Ithaca than an 870 for a reason. I like mine and apparently many people feel the same way about their guns.
What strikes me the most about my Ithica 37 is the fact that its do small. Call me crazy, but the thing is built like a 410 almost. I have a 1942 and Im comparing it to my 870 and 1300's. The Ithica is so easy for me to use while negotiating through the house at night. Mine only has a 4 round mag tube so this really helps with the balance too. I can pick it up with one and and even shoot it if I had too (although it wouldnt be fun). It really handles well for me. The drawback to this lightweight, fast handling characteristic is it pounds the crap out of me. Plus it doesnt have a recoil pad so its not fun for me to shoot. But I love it !! Its definitely a keeper!! Kevin.
OK Gentlemen. Here's what I got. When I got around to test firing that Ithaca 37 Police model I was so proud of I found it sticks. The pump locks up and won't cycle. Then I work it a few times and away I go. Now is this ammo? I work it like I mean it. But it sticks hard, then frees up, then cycles fine a couple times. The pump release lever (not sure if that is the proper term) doesn't move much at all. I brought it home, oiled it up good, and will take it out tomorrow with different ammo. Suggestions?

Mine is a 4 round mag too, Ak-Kev. I don't know why I like the thing but I've become attached already. But I gotta make it work right.
Im sorry Whalerman, I dont have any experience tinkering with the 37's. I just have the one and its fine. Im sure more knowledgeable members will come along soon to help. The only thing I would do first is give it a GOOD cleaning and then try some different ammo. This procedure will eliminate the easy things first. Kevin.

PS Actually, does it hang up on the rearward stroke (ejecting the spend round), or on the forward stroke inserting a fresh round?
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Let me think about this for a second, ak-kev. It hangs up on the rearward stroke, but not necessarily when there is a round in the chamber. Whenever I'm able to chamber a round, it fires perfectly. I just can't get it to take a round from the magazine and chamber it.

Thanks for your help. I enjoyed the link you provided previously.
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