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Ithaca's been revived, but for how long?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Kenshin, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. Kenshin

    Kenshin Member

    Jun 29, 2004
    Bay Area, California
    With the prices they're asking for their shotguns, they're just gonna go down again in defeat at the hands of the cheaper 870's and 500's, just like the first time they went under.
  2. brentwal

    brentwal Member

    Aug 6, 2005
    Eastern Washington
    But it's only a sideline for the new owners, so they can hold out if the gun business is slow.
  3. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    How long? I do not know.

    I do hope they make it, I really do. I hope they are always with us...

    My thinking runs to folks like myself who are aware of Ithaca's history, The history of say the Model 37, Auto Burglar, and import of SKB, for a few examples...

    Model 37 for example: American company, Machined Steel receiver, bottom eject which not only works great for left handed shooters, also for use in duck blinds , goose pits and other confined areas with more than one shooter.

    Rich Proven history from Vietnam to LEO use to Pheasants to Ducks and Deer to you name it Deer you ask, they did not call one model the Deerslayer for nothing - that barrel, bore, forcing cone was to steal Brister's words Art & Science.

    870 is no doubt the KING of pump guns when it comes to sales.

    Today's folks coming up in a Virtual World , in a Tacticool World , are not aware of the fact life existed before Shotguns were STAMPED out, and made from Alloys...

    Machined Steel Receivers, and Machined Parts cost more. Model 1897, Model 12, Ithaca 37, Winchester Super X Model 1...

    Folks wanted a gun for the money , The 1100, the 870 hurt sales of the Machined Steel guns and parts. These happen to be great guns...

    Still, there is a reason for some MONEY is not the reason. Bolt on Goodies are NOT the reason for making a gun choice...

    Quality not Quanity , are what folks want and are willing to pay for it...

    Ithaca 37 is one such gun...

    Folks scour gun shows looking for the Qualty of Yesteryear, and pay the same monies or more for USED guns than for newer Quanity mfg'd guns.

    Stand there and listen to a man hold a used Ithaca 37 at a gun show, as he holds with respect, and affection with memories tell his kids...family.." I carried one in 'Nam, a gun like this one is why I am still here".

    Metal & Wood [tm] means a LOT to some of us.
    Ithaca Means a LOT to some of us.

    Neither should ever be forgotten, disrespected, or allowed to die.




  4. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Member

    Apr 8, 2005
    Moses Lake WA
    Well, there goes the value of my old Ithacas. :D

  5. hoghunting

    hoghunting Member

    Feb 16, 2006
    You said it perfectly. Most people haven't heard of Ithaca either. Hopefully they will do some advertising. I have owned Ithacas since 1972 and could not be happier.
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