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Dec 9, 2017
My great grandfather was a professional gunsmith in Upstate New York for roughly 60 years and when he retired he sold all of his firearms and gunsmithing equipment. I'm 27 and I plan on going into the gunsmithing business and I'd like to track down his equipment or firearms. He made all his guns(mostly rifles)by hand. He was actually the supplier of new firearms for the NYS FBI Division. His name is Fred Martin Jackson and he lived in Watervliet, NY above his shop. His firearms has his brand on them: Jackson Firearms. If anyone has a lead on where his gunsmithing equipment or firearms might be please contact me ASAP.


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Move out of NY,or any Blue state that voted for Hitlary Clinton that will impose restrictions on your rights/dreams.

Gunsmithing is a labor of love.
You might try putting some ads in the local penny saver, newspapers and any gun related websites in the area. What sort of equipment are you looking for? It may be sitting in the back of some ones barn or workshop if it hasn't been sold or moved out of state. My BIL in upstate New York sells and buys sawmill equipment and you would be surprised what is in the corners of some of those old mills and warehouses. Covered in cobwebs, nobody knows exactly what it is or what it is to be used for. What part of upstate New York are we talking about? Good luck on your search.
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