JC Higgins 311A... closet gun

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Mar 14, 2009
SE Michigan
Well my friend was given a JC Higgins, Sears & Roebuck Co. 1017 SxS shotgun that is labeled as a model 311A. The gun is labeled as a 12 gauge.

Background... the owner of the gun died, the owners wife called my friend and said there was a "rifle" in the closet and he could have it. Well that's no rifle but it is definitely a gun. No idea when it was shot last or how long it sat in that closet.

There are 2 immediate issues with the gun if it's going to get shot, and it's a gun so why not! The first issue is that the gun does not break fully. It stops (like the mechanism is jammed) just short of the chambers clearing the stock, so you can't get shells in it right now. The second is that the stock is completely toast. There is a crack lengthwise toward the back maybe 2 inches long starting right at the front, and there is a chunk out of the side completely gone.

-As far as replacing the stock goes what are the options?
-What could cause the action to jam like that? We were thinking of a heavy dose of Break-Free to try and solve it.
-What's the rarity on these guns?

-I can get pics up later.

Not THE gun we are talking about but here's a pic.
Pull the forearm off then take the barrels off, something might be frozen. As for stocks, there are various places where replacements are available
I have a 311A and I love it.

Mine was terrible hard to open, had to press over my leg. Gave it to a gunsmith buddy and he took the action apart and cleaned it, and now it opens like it should.

I had both my barrels bored out to improved, for shooting skeet. and had the action tightened since the lever traveled a little to far.

I like the gun so much I sold my dad my Remington 11-87, since the 311a shot better for me.
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