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just sharin'

Discussion in 'Legal' started by antichrome, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. antichrome

    antichrome Member

    Nov 7, 2006
    East Texas
    Probably more on the Gathering of Eagles site (I can't get there from here, Co. firewall thing) but I really enjoyed reading this one from the Gary Bauer site:

    Silent America Speaks

    Things didn’t go as planned for the far Left this weekend here in the nation’s capital. An assortment of “blame America first” groups expected tens of thousands of leftists to take to the streets to demand that the U.S. withdraw from Iraq in defeat. March organizers had originally expected 50,000 plus to flood into town, but most unofficial estimates put the crowd closer to 10,000 to 15,000.

    But wait, it gets better! The defeatists and their allies didn’t have the streets to themselves. Thousands of pro-troop, pro-victory, pro-American counter-demonstrators came from all over the country to take a stand. The big TV networks ignored what happened, but the liberal Washington Post could not without losing all credibility.

    On the front page they reported, “Thousands of demonstrators… marched on the Pentagon yesterday, jeered along the way by large numbers of angry counter-protesters.” And this: “Much of the passion yesterday was supplied by thousands of counter-demonstrators, many of them veterans who mobilized from across the country to gather around the Vietnam veteran’s memorial.” As the so-called anti-war crowd crossed the Memorial Bridge into Virginia toward Arlington Cemetery, they were again confronted by a large crowd of vets who unfurled a banner reading, “You dishonor our dead on hallowed ground.”

    Now there is always a handful of conservatives who show up when the far Left is in the streets; but what explains the tremendous turnout of “the silent majority” now? There is a lot of evidence that this was, at least in part, a reaction to what happened here back in January when left-wing radicals protesting the war spray-painted the Capitol steps, trashed an Army recruiting office and put a pink tiara on the Statue of the Lone Sailor at the Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania Avenue. Big Media ignored the vandalism, but conservative talk radio and Internet bloggers, along with reports like this one, spread the disgusting news far and wide. The reaction was clear on Saturday as thousands of fed-up citizens poured into town to protect our monuments and make it clear that the loud mouth Left doesn’t own the streets.

    Could this be the start of something bigger? Perhaps. Millions of Americans are fed-up and looking for political leadership. They are tired of our country constantly being trashed, our values being mocked and our border leaking like a sieve. They have had it with political correctness, and they want someone, without shame or embarrassment, to defend what we know to be decent, right, patriotic, and dare I say it – moral. We will do our best to keep the momentum growing!
  2. Tom609

    Tom609 Member

    Oct 27, 2006
    NJ Pinelands
    I guess that's one way to look at it. Another would be that those protesters represent the majority of Americans that have just about had it with the inept leadership in this country (Dem and Republican) and the B.S. we've been fed for too many years. As far as the handful of idiots that always seem to show up at these events to create havoc and give fodder to the other side and detract from the real message; they should be publicly flogged, spray painted and made to wear tiaras.

    Won't it be great when the Iraqi people can take to the public square in Bagdad and express themselves in the same democratic way without the fear of being shredded by shrapnel and flying car parts? God, this is a great country...
  3. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Terlingua, TX; Thomasville,GA
    Not really a THR topic. Great for APS.

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