Kimber 84 in 7mm-08 or ?

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thanks for chiming in. Your TI sounds like a great combination of low wieight and high power. I'm 'this close' to picking a Kimber Classic in 7mm-08, but I'm still thinkin... Stilll thinkin... (Dangerous, I know!)

Hey Paul,

In your shoes I would not have been able to control myself. I'm sure I'd own the .260 and the excruciating decision between .260 & 7-08 would be over. It will be interesting to see which caliber you end up with. Keep me informed.:scrutiny:

I almost owned that .260, but the thought of another set of dies and components overwhelmed me.

They had the Kimber Classics at the show too. They are very, very nice. In fact, my thought was I'd never take one in the field.

Why don't you just get one of each -- one for the range (Classic) and one for the field (Montana)?:p :p

Looks to me like you won't regret what ever decision you make.
Don't twist my arm! I could REALLY see having a .243 Classic for the range and a .260 Montana for the hills. I'm thinking about it...
The Kimbers are pretty neat rifles. The SuperAmerica version is really sweet.

If you want a nice rifle that's a better buy, and aren't hung up on Mauser actions, check out the Browning Micro Hunter. Light 20" barrel, 13" length of pull - available in many of the calibers listed above.

Mine will do 1.5 MOA with good loads - and Hornady LIght Magnums in .308 will do about 2900 fps out the short barrel. That's not shabby!


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Heh, looks like I'm gonna pick up another kimber after this one, I just shot a kimber 22 classic varmint with a matte stainless fluted barrel, wow talk about a cadillac of .22's. I just got a pretty big paycheck so I ordered one the next day, I have a nice little VX-II 3-9x50 waiting for it when I get it all payed for.
uh oh looks like I'm probably not getting the classic varmint 22, they estimated 6 weeks before they'd get it in which was fine but then, the shop owner (great friend of mine) requested me in his office. So I go in there and he hands me a Cooper in 17 with a stainless matte barrell and sexy AAA grade walnut wow was it nice. Cooper had sent it to him for someone who ordered it but the guy bought a Cooper in .223 instead. So here's this beautiful Cooper for only 250 dollars more with wood 5x better, I told him to give me a day to think.:uhoh:
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