Kimber Custom II or Springfield Loaded?

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Apr 20, 2006
I'm in the market for a 1911. Since this will be my first 1911-style pistol, I want to keep it relatively simple. I am not interested in Springfield TRPs or Pros, nor am I interested in any firearm over $1000. The two guns I am looking at are the Kimber Custom II and the Springfield Loaded. These options look like they offer very similar features. I can get the Kimber for $695. The lowest I've been able to find on the Springfield is $800. I've seen it for $750 online, but after you add in shipping costs and FFL fees I'm right back at $800. Is the Springfield worth $100 more? What features does it offer that the Kimber doesn't? Also, what would you guys do if faced with a similar decision?

Another question. I know the Loaded comes with a coupon for Springfield accessories. How much would the coupon save me if I were to use it to buy seven magazines? Basically, how much do you think the coupon is worth?
I'd get and have the Kimber Custom II. I love it. Great gun. I have 2 Kimbers another comming home on Thursday. 2 Custom Shop Raptor's and one Custom II. Can't wait to get another.

For the price and quality you can't go wrong.
I prefer the fit and shootability of the Kimber. Find an internal extractor model. Both are good guns but my preference is towards Kimber. The Springfields sometimes feels loosely fit. I would however consider their upper end line, Springfield shines in their more costly guns.

But between a Custom II and a Loaded, I prefer a Custom II. Even if it has the Schwartz safety.

If you're looking for something under a grand, take a good look at a TLE II. It's a Custom II with frontstrap checkering and night sights.

Kimbers are amazingly accurate too.
I looked at both last month and decided to get a SW1911($800):){108282}
Call me a smith guy , but I love the lifetime guarantee
I've owned samples from both Kimber & SA and if I were to buy from either again, it would be from Springfield
I had the same two choices, and went with the Springfield. My guns slide to frame fit is looser than I'd expected, and the barrel bushing was just darn sloppy. After fitting an EGW angle bore bushing, the gun shoots very good, kinda like I expected from the factory. The guns functions perfectly, non the less, just could have been a little tighter, but hey, for 629.00, it was a good buy:)

My Stainless Target II is a dream to shoot. :rolleyes: I have heard the Springfield's have a looser tolerances which makes for better reliability but the Kimbers are more accurate. I don't think you can go wrong either way.
Neither. In all seriousness, if you offered me a brand new "Custom Shop" Kimber 1911 for FREE to be used as a CCW weapon, I would not accept it. Do a search on some of my very serious posts about my 5 "custom" Shop Kimbers' defects...all 5 were defective.

When I say that you could not give me a Kimber, I am being dead serious! Get a Colt:


I've read all of your posts and think you just got a lemmon. I'm picking up a Kimber Ultra Raptor II tomorrow, (after I DROS my AR), to go along with my Raptor & Custom II.
I'll go right to the range after lunch with my dad and give you a full report on the 200 rounds I'll blow off.

I expect it wil have ZERO FTF's or FTE's. If it does I'll call Dennis @ the Custom Shop and have it taken care of.
Lemons. If I had 5 that had to go back to manufacturer I'd probably lose faith in the company also.

I only have one Kimber, a pre-series II Government model. I love the gun, but you won't catch me with a Series II Kimber. The only way I'd buy another Kimber is if I found another Series I Kimber.
The CCW instructor I had owned a Kimber, He was one of those NRA compitition pistol shooters with a boat load of guns and used his extensively modified Kimber as his CCW and competition gun. (I think it was a .45). When I attended the class I had purchased my XD40SW 4" the previous day, (I couldn't find the target ammo for my GAP). We were about half way through the shooting part of the course when he found out I had just bought the .40. He asked if he could shoot it to check the sights. The guy put 11 rounds right in the bullseye at 50' with one just below the inner ring because the target was jumping up and down.
I think he stated his modified Kimber cost well over 3k. My NIB XD40 4" cost me 379.00. I guess you can figure out the rest.
I could have written your orginal post. I left the house last saturday going shopping for a Springfield Loaded Stainless. After 3 stores and too many miles I found that the Kimber Custom II stainless was $5.00 cheaper, on the shelf. The Springfield was going to have to be ordered and both shops said there was no telling at the wait with it.
If I had the money in my pocket the Kimber would have come home with me.
count me as a kimber fan all the way.

i have lots of fancier 1911's (Ed Brown, Les Baer, Wilson Combat, Nighthawk blah blah blah) but the one 1911 I end up carrying regularly is a Kimber Eclipse Pro II.

furthermore, i have not had any problems with mine (excellent quality and reliability). i have heard from others that some recent production runs have been a little sloppy quality-wise.

FWIW, the 1911 that I shoot the most often is a Kimber Custom Shop TLE meltdown in .357 Sig/.38 Super. If there is one gun I am truly in love with ... it is this Kimber.
well, that's a toughy. If you start doing searches, you will find that Kimber had some serious problems for a couple years there with quality. I wouldn't have touched a Kimber when they went to the external extractor--post after post of problems. Since they switched back to the internal extractor (and it sounds like maybe they lowered their prices or at least kept them from rising as fast to try to recapture some of their lost market) they may be worth another look. I actually like their grip safety style.

That having been said, a Loaded was my first 1911, and I've had multiple Springfield's at this point, and all performed flawlessly. The Loaded has never had a failure of any kind with any ammo, and is extremely accurate.
Hey! Black Majik! The man with the serious-beautiful 1911s chimes in! Pop up a pic of some of those beauties that you own. Yes, I agree, Series I all the way. Kimber does manufacture a couple Series I pistols. I do own the Warrior, and it is excellent. Never catch a Series II in my vault. Kimber needs to manufacture a Pro Warrior. :)

30 cal slob: How do you fire ".357 Sig/.38 Super" in the same pistol? I thought they had different size cartridge bases. Isn't the .357 Sig the same base as a .40 S&W? Thanks,


Shot 100 rounds out of the NEW Kimber Ultra Raptor II with Internal extractor and it is sweet. Not one FTF, FTE and every shot within 3" @ 7 yards 21".

Great trigger, Bushinless barrel, night sights, Ambi Safety, Beaver tail..basically everything you'd want and expect in a Kimber custom shop firearm.

I am one happy camper. I widh you were near I'd say let's go to the range and I'd let you see that not every kimber is a dud.

This is my 3rd Kimber and all of them function flawlessly.

I am aware that Kimber did have a QC issue a while back, and the External Extractor was a flop, but it seems to be in the past as over the last 7 months I have purchased 3 excellent firearms from them.

Send me another post when you have owned 15 Kimbers...5 of them Custom Shop models. When you make it through 15 successful Kimbers, I'll believe that they have corrected their issues.

I'm not concerned about the Kimbers that work. I'm concerned about the ones that don't, and whose owners are treated like dirt by Dennis. That fact of Kimber has not been corrected.

I'm glad your Kimber works.


If I could find someone to do a PPT in CA of a Pro Raptor II I'd buy it tomorrow. I'd also like the Warrior and the Ultra carry & Ultra CDP.

After that I think I have all the Kimbers I want & need. Next up will be to get a couple of Springfields. I'd like the Professional & Operator,
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