Largest caliber you own?

I consider myelf quite recoil sensitive. Largest I have is a 30-06. And that is a little too much for hunting in southeast thickets and swamps. So far my longest shot has been just shy of 200 yards. And most of that was a clearing around a pond.
I have a fair few rifles in .45 Caliber, ranging from ACP, to Colt, to 454 Casull and 45-70, one in 444 Marlin, and two in .375 (375 Ruger, 9.5x47R) Those are the big ones by caliber.
I couldnt afford to shoot factory .458.
Buuuut then i cant afford to shoot factory 6.5CM either lol, 40-45 bucks a box avg.
Oddly enough my cheapest rifle to both build and feed has been my .375 ruger.
25 buck a box hornady GMX loads have spoiled me, i loaded my first .375s in probably 2-3 years a few months ago since i got some new bullets to try.

I have zero need for a 375, but dang if the 357Ruger isn't tempting.
Yup. And I succumbed. 😉
Heck even my 308win more horsepower than I think I'll ever need.

I could easily and happily live out my days hunting nothing bigger then could be cleanly harvested with a 6mm.

I'll keep the 308 barrel around whenever I get my rifle set up how I envisioned it, incase a too-good-to-say-no hunt for something bigger than a deer crops up though.

But dang, if that 375 dosen't sound nifty.
575 caliber Enfield Musketoon and a 45-70 Buffalo Classic (think long barreled Handi rifle) both are light for caliber the Enfield is between the handguns.
I got sidetracked IMG_4113.JPG one day at the range was helping the wife, left the ramrod in the barrel, between the 65 gr Goex the 460 gr 575213-OS minie and the weight of the ramrod I managed to knock both shooting and prescription glasses and my hat to the ground, never found the ramrod, think I loosened a couple of fillings and wound up with a nice purple cheek bruise. The 45-70 is mild compared to that load.
Heck even my 308win more horsepower than I think I'll ever need.

As mentioned my biggest is 30-06. I have "fired" (more like a firing sequence) the Gau-8 Avenger 30mm outside of an A-10. That was phenomenal. But I don't ever need something that big or close to it. I would like to have a 30-30 or 308 and be done for all my hunting needs. If ever get back into that life.
Nothing to brag about here, my biggest rifle caliber is 8mm Mauser, largest pistol caliber I currently own is the venerable 45acp :cool: