Laser Range-finders

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Dec 30, 2002
Looking to pick up a laser range finder, mostly for hunting and golf (two sports that require my taking lots of shots, so I'm hoping that knowing the range will help!) Anyway, what features are important? I'm looking to spend about $200-$250 if possible. Thanks for any info.
Someone recently loaned me their Bushnell 800 Compact to try, and I really liked it. I see that Cabelas sells them for $269, although I suspect you could find one cheaper elsewhere. My concerns are portability and common batteries, like AA or AAA. I would not buy one that requires me to carry special photo batteries or lithium batteries because I like battery compatibility with other gadgets when out in the woods.

Beware of maximum distance claims, at least on this Bushnell. Expect much less than rated claims, especially for non-reflective distances. Don't try to push the envelope, or you may be disapointed. The Bushnell I tried is cataloged for 800 yards non-reflective, and I was getting good readings only out to about 475 non-reflective. I also found that clutter really affected readings, even in the distance mode.
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