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Lessons on guns from the sandbox

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by trapshooter, Jul 6, 2004.

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  1. trapshooter

    trapshooter Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    Most of this I already knew, but I got some reinforcement over my time here:

    1. There is no such thing as too much ammo.

    2. Automatic weapons are a very good thing.

    3. Large caliber automatic weapons are better.

    4. If you can lift it and walk, with ammo, it's worth having on you.

    5. Shoot near, then far, if time permits.

    6. Watch the hands. Most people don't shoot with thier toes or nose.

    7. Pistols are ok for a last resort, but see number 2 through 4, above.

    8. A good short gun is a cut down AK, or an M4, or if you just have to, an MP5.

    9. Did I mention that you need to have lots of ammo? In mags.

    10. Someone who clanks when he walks is probably adequately armed. But maybe not.

    11. Be ready to shoot anyone you don't know personally, and maybe some of those you do, who may be on the wrong side.

    12. Live capture is a VERY BAD THING, so be ready to prevent that. See number 1-4, and #9. Also 10, and 5. Are you understanding me?

    13. Start the party before the other guy, if possible. This requires paying attention.

    14. Carry lots of ammo. I know. But it bears repeating.

    15. Shoot first, shoot often, and shoot straight. (And don't run out of ammo, unless you are the last one to do so).

    16. There is no such thing as an unarmed man, but some are less armed than others. Having a brain means you are minimally armed. Mechanical advantage improves your odds of survival a great deal. Get an automatic weapon, if you intend to go into sh--ty situations. Try not to take a knife to a gunfight. Don't take a small, low capacity gun to a gunfight. Oh, yeah, and have more ammo than the other guy.

    17. Last, it's nice to be able to call in air to mud, or arty. Grenades are nice. So is an M1, a Brad, or a Stryker.

    18. Unarmored Humvees are about as safe as a brick house in a tornado. See # 13 and 15. Vehicles are an effective weapon, under the control of an intelligent driver.

    19. Practice before the fight, not during.

    20. Keep your effing head down and drive fast. It makes it harder to figure the lead. If you have enough ammo, this doesn't work against you.

    (edit - that's it. I fixed some spelling, and added the vehicle thing. I've used that before. It works pretty good).
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