Let's see your 30-30 rifles!

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I’ve owned several Marlin 30-30s in my life that came and went. This is the best I could do 7 years ago when looking for a “JM” stamped one. It’s a “W” with birch stock, no rust, very few nicks and 99% blue. IMG-0592.jpg
Marlin 30AS in 30-30 that my late uncle purchased new in the early 90's. He was in his early 70's at the time and put less than 20 rounds through it before it went into his closet. Serial number dates it to 1991 and it's JM stamped. It's the economy version of the 336 with no front sight hood, a cheaper rear sight assembly, no sling studs, ( I added some), and no checkering on the stock which may be stained birch (?). Other than that it's a 336 and it made me regret not getting into 30-30 lever guns sooner. Really liking this very interesting thread.... IMG_3206.JPG ..
Remington 788. Early manufacture, bought it just like this; closet fresh. 70's era Tasco 4x, Brauer Bros leather sling.
It even had the closet dust on it, the seller didn't bother to wipe it off or run a patch down the barrel.

I paid for it, but I've been looking for just this rifle for a while.

Overall view:
Rem788 overall (Medium).jpeg

Here can be seen the rear locking lugs on the bolt of the 788 series rifles. This is thought to be the reason the rifles are so very accurate.
Rem788 RH Rcvr overall (Medium).jpeg

The series was discontinued, but can still be found occasionally. I missed out on a 44 Mag version by about 10 minutes some years ago.:(

This target was fired at 50 yds with factory Winchester ammo. 50 yds is not a true example of the accuracy expected from this series of rifles, but I haven't yet made time to go wring it out at longer distances.
Rem788,Mar'19,3shot Win 150gr ammo 50yds (Custom).jpeg

I look forward to getting some cast through this rifle.

So many rifles, so little time.
My one and only. 336W, the cheapest model made, every year the fore-end gets lighter in color than the buttstock. Bought it during the really bad Remlin era - 2010. The VX-3 and Happy Trigger together cost considerably more than the rifle. For a lever gun it’s very accurate, at least to me, 1-1.25 MOA with 150 grain Core-Lokts.
This is my oldest 30/30, Winchester model 1894 that dates from 1898. It’s what we call a “Bunkhouse Conversion” as it’s been cut down and the magazine shortened to around 2/3’s the length of the barrel (along with some decorative stock carvings/names and initials).





There ain’t a nickels worth of rifling in the barrel but it’ll still shoots well enough to hunt with.

Here’s another 30/30 I own, it’s a Marlin Model 1893 with 26” barrel That appears to date from before WW1.

That old Marlin is an exceptional shooter and will group 10 shots into about 3 inches (with its favorite ammo) if I do my part.
I have a couple of Winchester Model 94’s in .30-30, one is a 3,400,000 gun (middle) that’s in excellent shape. I bought it used in the 1990’s at a now-closed LGS in Rialto, Ca. for about $275.00.
The top rifle was a GB purchase from a store in Reno, NV, I think it was 350.00 about ten years ago. It’s a 5,100,000 gun and pre angle eject. It has some bluing wear, but only on the barrel bands. probably from riding in a gun rack or scabbard for years up in sagebrush country.
The bottom is an angle eject .44 Mag Trapper with a peep and a folding rear sight installed, 5,400,000 range I believe. It’s a great gun, one of my favorite lever guns for sure. I traded a Sig 226 for it years ago. I didn’t need the Sig and I wanted the Trapper, so I am happy with the trade.
Stay safe.

Also in bolt action, Savage 340
And single shot, H&R Handi

But no photos of the latter two handy
My old beat up 1894 was made in 1917. No finish and the stocks were sanded long before my dad bought it over 50 years ago from an old gent in Monterrey, Mexico. He said he carried it when he was in Carranza’s army in the revolucion, while his twin brother rode for Villa. Gun is still solid & tight with decent rifling, but the bore is dark. Shoots just fine.

Just mounted this 2.5-8 Vari-X III. 1975 Marlin 336C. Certainly no safe queen. Been dropped from a tree, lost for two years (long story), and has taken more than a number of deer and hogs. It's a great old friend.

My 336SS at 100 yards. Not the best it will do or the worst for that matter. Home brew loads, basically slightly reduced Hornady Lever Revolution powder and a 170 grain Sierra and Winchester case and primer:


Of the many Marlins I have owned, it is by far the better shooter and it is a Remlin and if that POs some folks, it is what it is, it is an MOA rifle when I do my part, barrel band and all, it just shoots.
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Finally got around to taking pictures. It is a Theodore Roosevelt commemorative 94 that was supposed to be unfired but that didn't really matter to me. I wanted it for metallic silhouette matches and the 26" barrel makes for a great sight radius. Rear sight is a Williams with target knobs and the front IMG_1305.JPG IMG_1306.JPG IMG_1307.JPG IMG_1308.JPG is a Lyman 17 globe sight.
I call this my Rat Rod, 1937 Transitional, a bit weathered and abused, but a awesome shooter. Has some pits in the crown and barrel end, but after filled with lead, shoots pretty straight.
20200412_174532.jpg 20200405_151233.jpg 20200405_151058.jpg
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