Like to know value of a Sig 229 9mm w/ Night Sites and 4 mags

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Anna's Dad

Apr 28, 2006
Central Florida
I have an opportunity to purchase a used but excellent condition Sig 229 in 9mm with Night Site and 4 mags (two 10 round and two high cap).

The gun has no rail (which isn't a problem for me but I though this might speak to it's age). I believe it is blackened stainless. It comes with the factory case and paperwork.

The price is $590 delivered (includes shipping).

Good deal, fair deal or bad deal?



Many of the Sig lovers favor the non-railed older models..

If it gleams in "your eyes".. go for it, because you'll love how they shoot.

I would look for a 228. Its a little bit lighter (an ounce or so) and it is not in current production. You can probably get one for around the same price with night sights. I did with 3 high cap 15 round mecgar mags.
The thing that hurts used SIG values, is the fact that SIGARMS is flooding
the market with factory certified, pre-owned models~! :( Just about every
dealer in the firearms trade has boo-koos of them in stock; with most
being the 229's with the stainless colored slides (not blackened stainless),
for the low price of $599. And they come with a one year warranty~!:scrutiny:;)

Also, I agree with my friend Tecumseh 'bout look'in for a SIG P228; as its probably
among the best balanced handguns I have ever owned.
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590 out the door would be a pretty good price here provided the sights are good and the pistol is in nice shape. There are some who think that the older pre rail SIGs are of slightly higher quality than the newer ones. I really like my 229r.
Thanks for all of the replies. Good to hear about the quality (or at least perceived quality) of the pre-rail.

It may not come with the CPO warranty but I do get a couple extra mags and night sites for about the same price as the CPOs mentioned by Ala Dan. It does have to be shipped to my dealer so there will be another $20 for the transfer/background check. Still, sounds like its not a bad deal and I'll probably go for it!

Thanks again...
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