Long range tuning

1.What cartridge?
1.1 What loading?
2.What glass?
2.1 What rings?
2.2 What bases?
3. What action?
3.1 trigger?
3.2 any extra action work done?
3.3 What stock?
3.3.1 did you bed it?
3.3.2 pillar or glass? Both?
4. What barrel?
4.1 how'd you pick the barrel maker? (So many options!
4.2 What kind of barrel life are you getting?

... and least importantly, how's it shoot?

Edit:aww, it messed up my formatting. Sorry, I've been editing SOP's all week.
This is a Bat B action, rblpre ,McMillan MBR stock with Kreiger barrels chambered in 6br Akley. Last time out with a Berger 108 barrel I got a tune pretty quickly ( picture at 300 yards ) although I only have about 400 of those bullets.
I've recently spun on a barrel that likes 103 vapor trails.
My local range has a 500 hundred yard limit so that's will have to do for now.
So anyway the rifle is nothing too fancy but a step up from the old Savage, hopefully I can find the target.


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Mainly speed, this custom action is very smooth and ejects rounds rather than hand retrieve off the single shot sled.
The ignition on my Savage ( pictured in my Avatar) also has a tendency to spit a round for no apparent reason.
I attached a couple of 1000 yard LG pics ( shot from Savage) that are not too bad although when I get to HG I cannot get all 10 rounds down range before conditions change.


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Thx myself I'm just having a good time at learning a retirement hobby.
I can assure you that your friends with the fellas at the top of their game be it PRS or F class have made a commitment to excellence that I tip my hat to. what's being accomplished at the longer ranges just boggles the mind and then as soon as you think that's it. A new record gets( set.)

Benchrest is easy hunting is hard.

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Seeing the small groups that the PRS people are shooting have me using products with strange names like Lapua and Vihtavuori, I anneal all of my cases and even know what SAUM stand for. My groups keep getting smaller and I like it! I noticed that taliv liked your reply and he was involved in the HeatStroke competition with some of my friends. They use a ton of ammunition to keep their skill level up and they earn every trophy and prize that they take home. Even more important is the information they share and the good advice they freely give to each other.
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Shooting .22 lr at 200 yards, you probably would also shoot craps at 20 yards? I went the other way, shooting Rimfire Benchrest at 50 yards with rifles/ammo capable of hitting a dot at that range for a 10X. My best day, I shot two perfect 100s and a 99. The 99 was on the last shot of of the third target. At least my bullets were leaving the barrel at about 1090. As accurate as my rifles were I never tried shooting groups beyond 50 yards because I knew the bullets were more at the mercy of the wind/mirage than my ammo, aim, or rifle quality. However, "Ya pays your money and ya takes your choices." Good luck.
Well fellas
The sun came out and now the snow stopped falling, reckon it's time to start tuning a bit.
I start a note book for each of these rifles just to keep my head straight.
I have 4 sighters at the lower charge and two of each .02 powder increments by coloring ogives I can maintain one point of aim at a greater distance than normal. After setting a wind flag halfway the target will be at 300 yards to begin with than move out to 500 on the next session.
Ill probably take a chronoghaph also as these 6mm Ackley improved seem to like the 2930 fps range so that's one of my goals.
Added.. Some people call this a course ladder others might call it a pressure ladder, either way we should get a idea what charge window we have with minimum components used.
Cross your fingers. Lol


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Well at 300 yards this barrel wasn't on paper so this target will be at 200 yards with a full value 10-12 mph 9:00 wind. My yellow charges were used as sighters, nevertheless I believe I have a direction but I would like to hear comment s and opinions from you fellas and Gals of course.


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