Lyman M die

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Dec 27, 2009
West central, AL
I am having a problem with the lyman M expander die. I have been loading 45 acp for a while and just started on the .45 colt. I decided to buy a single "M" die to expand the 45 colt.

The instructions say to turn the expanding plug stem down by hand until it makes contact with the case then turn in until you get the amount of flare that you need. Well I have screwed the expander plug all the way in and never felt any kind of resistance.

All cases has been sized by a lee die and then trimmed. The lee expander works fine on the other hand.

Do I need a shellholder specially from lyman to use with this die? I am currently using a lee shellholder. Any other reasons why this is not expanding?
Any shell holder will work. Strange. Perhaps they put the wrong plug in the die. Call Lyman, they will fix you up.

I am assuming you have the die body screwed down as far as it will go as well.
:banghead: I didnt even think to measure the plug...Must have been the heat messing with my thought process.

Thats definitely it though the plug measures .306 on the small step and .336 on the 2nd bigger step. Looks like I will have to call lyman tomorrow.

OOOOPS! Well, if they get you the right plug I think you will like how these dies flare the case. I've been using them since the 80s and have them setup for all of the handgun calibers I load. They seem to work the brass much less and when properly adjusted the bullet kind of "snaps" in and sits nice and straight in the case. All of the plugs that came with mine were slightly oversized and needed to be turned down .003 or so under bullet dia. to obtain good case neck tension. With even a light crimp I have never had any bullet pull with heavy bullets in a revolver or setback from an auto. Hope you like the die.
I use the M die for all my calibres. Worth their weight in gold. Even got one of the last M dies for 41 mag from Lyman, late last year. Couldn't find it on any online store or their website, so I called them. At first the lady said they no longer offered them, then looked and found they had 3 left. I got lucky.

Good luck
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