'Made in China'....custom Norinco....pics!

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Well. I'm sure there are those who will think this is a good 1911. I'm not sure I'm one of them without a very long time at the range...
What, you think the slide or frames going to break? Lol!
He replaced everything else....
The frame and slide of a Norinco are less likely to break than most any other 1911, including Colts. The Chinese steel is tough stuff - I wouldn't be surprised if part of the cost of this build goes to the number of mill bits used.

I've heard of gunsmiths refusing to put new sights on a Norc slide because the cost to them in toolin couldn't be made back at their prices for installing sights.
I think they used that steel in Subaru Brats.

A friend of mine who has been in and out of plating hates Norincos. Not because they're rough, but because the steel is so much harder. Takes a lot more work to belt the flats on a Norc than it does a Colt, and the flats are the easy parts...
All that time in a milling machine and he couldn't take a moment with an end mill to knock off the "Made in China" marking on the frame? It'll be a cold day in hell before any .45 I carry has that written on it.

Otherwise, nice work. Use one of the Phillipino 1911's and you would have something. The craftsmanship looks good.


Dollars to donuts that the quality of the Norinco is above and beyond anything one the Philipino companies builds.

Plenty of winning 1911's were built off Norincos a little more than a few years back.
I disagree.
The 1911 has been made in the Philippines for a long time.
The Norinco 1911 was a tough gun, no doubt.
But I wouldn't say above and beyond the Philippine made 1911s.

I never could get past "Model of the 1911" stamped on the slide.
Love the work, particularly on the front and back straps. The grips compliment the work very well, nice aesthetics.

But, hate the brand (Norinco), and their background owners (PLA).
That is an extremely clean and very functional looking carry gun. I love the HiPower-esque slide cuts and the short spur hammer.
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