Make it happen...GOA needs our help.

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Jan 3, 2006
Somewhere in the U.S., London, or Australia
Guys, the GOA has been nice enough to set up a letter and an easy way to send this to all Republicans. Please click the link below and let them know to vote against any Red Flag laws!!

I just hope this isn’t some ploy to collect our info and flip the script. I know there was a few of these floating around during the Sandy Hook era where it was collecting people’s info and while they thought they were sending a pro gun message it actually used their info to send an anti gun message. Unfortunately, I cannot find out anything about one click politics as they are paying to keep everything private. Best I can tell is it’s out of AZ.

Please make sure you all fill this out. Dont give me any of that grey man crap. If you are in any of these site, bought a gun legally, have NFA items or security clearances or whatever they already have all of your info. Don’t use the grey man ideology to avoid trying to keep your rights. I urge everyone to do this, even if you are in enemy territory!

As we know here, these red flag laws are wrong on so many levels. They need to know that if they do this to us there will be a price to pay come November.

Yes. Unfortunately, if they do do something the deed will have already been done and you know how that goes. Things rarely ever get walked back once done!
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