Man Threatened To Blow Up VA

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Mar 22, 2009
From my fair city:

I'm starting to see a trend to anti-gun attitude by the media of this station specifically. A few weeks back, a guy caught a thief trying to break into his home and shot the bad guy. The homeowner wasn't charged, the thief was. Yet, in the coverage of this story, WDTN-TV's anchor started her report with the common anti-gun tirade "Man takes law into his own hands."

This story is even more troubling. They "found" a "rocket launcher" that had been thrown into a dumpster, the person who "found" it called police. They raided him home and found , horrors of horrors, 2 "assault weapons" and ammunition. Then they kept pounding on the "alleged plot to attack" to VA.

Never mind that the "rocket launcher" didn't have that "rocket thingy."

So, I guess it's either time to educate our local media, or to hunker down for a long fight to preserve our rights. Maybe I'll invite the anchor out to the range to go shooting my "assault weapon" Stag L-1 semi-auto carbine.
These guys made threats to "bring guns and start shooting" and the Veterans Administration "police" notified federal authorities. Federal agents raided the apartment of the two men who had made the threats, took them into custody and found a couple of rifles and some ammunition. While there were there a resident of the complex reported a "rocket launcher" in a dumpster and the EOD folks were called to deal with it.

Threats were made against the V.A. facility, taken seriously, the residence of the people who made the threats was raided and they were taken into custody and 2 rifles and ammunition were seized.

Doesn't sound too out of line to me, except for the fact that the raid was a federal operation and the local PD is talking about it as if they lead the operation instead of just providing assistance.
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