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Marocchi Model SM64 - Info needed

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by garyw, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. garyw

    garyw Member

    Jan 9, 2011
    Central Virgina
    A friend asked me to find some info on this neat little 22 rifle of his. It's a take down rifle in which you can unscrew a screw and the barrel detaches from the receiver. Pretty neat. It's got a really nice wood stock. The receiver though has another interesting characteristic, it's made of zinc. Why is anyone's guess though. This makes it pretty darn heavy for a 22. Nearly zero recoil though, and quite accurate. It has a built in optics rail and very precise sights. I'm talking adjustable all the way out to 200yds precise. Overall, with it's ability to be broken down yet when assembled able to have a 21" barrel with a 10rd detachable mag, semi auto action, nearly zero recoil, and precision sights, it's a rifle that's caught my eye to say the least.

    The problem I'm having is finding information about this type of rifle. Basically what's above is all I know. I shot the rifle yesterday trying to zero it in with a really nice but old weaver 2.5x-7x scope but I had windage maxed out and was still off target. Next time I have a chance I'll try it with irons. Either way, if you can find any information or have had a chance to encounter this type rifle, please share your opinion.

    More specifically; The rifle had several malfunctions during testing and I'm suspecting it needs a good cleaning. Does anyone know how to field strip this rifle for cleaning purposes?
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