*Maybe* a CCW self defense incident caught on tape!?

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Over the top stereotypical redneck clothing, language, music, etc - all designed to make fun of the "hicks". The most damning evidence though is that no true redneck drives a newer Toyota pickup.
I think it's fake. The dude with the gun sounded Canadian to me. Doubt a Canadian would be carrying.
Brought back some memories

Real or not, it brought back some memories of my wife's and my assualt back about three or four weeks ago.

If real, I think the Beemer driver would have some serious police explaining to do about flipping off the other drivers. The Beemer driver seemed to do ALMOST as much to perpetuate the situation. I agree Re: send the girl to get the camera. No, I would say, "Set the camera down; back away, and get on your belly..." if I thought it had evidence. Then, I would take it to the police, not post it. Theft is right. Also, the Beemer driver didn't really seem to make any efforts to get away, kept mouthing back, etc., etc. Yeah, it seems fake. I think I'll follow this some more and see what develops.

Regardless, stupid if real, tremendously stupid if fake.

fake, eh!

it's aboot time that it's called such too,eh?

A few things I find inneresting, the guy with the gun, his finger was indexed meaning he's al least aware of gun handling, but I cringed when his gal went for the camera...terrible tactics!, letting the guy go for the bat? a real redneck wouldn't be carrying a bat, he would be reaching for the 30-30 and a guy with a handgun shouldn't let the other guy go for a rifle...

this is how I handled it, and learned valuable lessons (some harsh)
from you guys...
No win situation for either parties.

1 guy in the beamer does nothing to de-escalate the situation

2 guy in the beamer does nothing to try and get away

3 guy in the beamer when confronted and trapped resolute the situation by steeling the camera?

4 guy sends his GF over to get the camera, why not just give her to him?

The hicks, not even going to start on them

Last, the BMW should have BURNT that truck by a lot.
Fake. They are definitely Canadian, but they tried to make people watching the video think they were in the US. The guys in the truck say "This is Texas." I grew up in Canada and now live in Texas. That was definitely not Texas.
Why didn't the guy in the BMW call the cops on his cell...can afford a nice car but no cell phone.

If it was real, the guy in the BMW was an idiot. If the guy in the pickup truck pulled an AR out instead of a baseball bat, it would have ended a lot more different.
I say it's fake.

The guy driving the BMW should have just driven to a police or fire station. On the otherhand if he had the 'not of best intentions' then a isolated road dirt road with no witnesses was smart. Who is the fool now? :)
I've never seen such bad acting in a genuine film. The guys in the truck actually said "eh" (watch "strange brew") more than once. Its definatly fake IMHO.
If the guy with the BMW was really determined to just get out of the situation, he probably would have just stepped on it and turned corners quickly, avoiding dirt roads. The fact that he didn't seems rather likely intended to take the action to the climax at the end of the dirt road. The camera work at the end is rather suspicious, first focusing on the guy getting the bat, then zooming in on the gun pulled by the Beemer driver. And the hicks do seem a little too calm there too, as everyone has said. So, yeah, probably staged... but still pretty good.
hmmmmm looks more like armed robbery to me. Now had he got out firing at the clown with the bat, if on the jury, I'd have understood it as self-defense. However, the clowns were able to de-escalate, so he needed to just go his way, which is what he did. I don't understand taking the camera.
That one was fake

this one is real
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try this


Man To Be Charged With Aggravated Robbery

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Police said a desk clerk shot a man who was attempting to rob an east side motel on Saturday night.

Officers said that shortly before 9:30 p.m., a man walked into the Super 8 Motel, located at 2055 Brice Rd., showed a gun and demanded money.

Police said the desk clerk on duty then shot the alleged robber, Antoine Stephens.
Stephens, 20, was transported to Grant Medical Center and was in serious condition on Sunday morning, NBC 4 reported.

Police said he would be charged with aggravated robbery.

The motel clerk's name was not released. It was unclear as to whether he would be charged.

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to contact the Columbus police detective bureau at (614) 645-4624. Anonymous calls can be made to Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at (614) 645-8477.
Holy crap, that clip of the desk clerk really scares me. I wonder if I would be able to react in such a cool manner. Any more info on this?
Hm. In a similar, but legitimate situation, wouldn't it be a better idea to hang onto the keys, drive a few miles away, call the cops, then give the keys to the responding officer? That would probably do a lot to increase the chances of them getting caught.

And is it just me, or does the guy's revolver look more like an airgun? Strangely shaped butt, very huge tall rib on the top... resolution isn't the best though, so it's hard to tell.
Look at the bottom of the grip (there's something hanging below the grip) this is normally the latch you grab and turn in order to replace the CO2 cartridges on pellet gun pistols (looks like a crossman pellet pistol/revolver).

Sounds & even looks like Canada to me, carrying a pistola is a big no no up there!


Awww, cmon now BUZ. That's all a Texnadian can afford under the current social laws. It wouldn't have sounded right on the video if the beemer dude said, "You drop that bat or I'm gonna cap you with a .177 cal pellet! This is quite capable of breaking the skin tough guy!"
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