Micro Green Dot Lowest Mount For Ruger Mark II?


May 8, 2008
So, I have a Mark II and think, sometimes, I want a micro green dot site [rather than red dot, since I have slight astigmatism],...and wandered which method there is to have the LOWEST mounting possible? Mine has no drilled and tapped holes for a scope mount, FYI.
This is what I used, but it isn’t low:

This mounts to a pic rail and is set up for a RMR footprint . I used it with a Liberty

This is what the dot and mount look like. It’s mounted on a Henry .22, but you get the idea:

Yeah. No holes. I think I saw something that replaced the rear site. Don't know what it was called.
That looks like it. Might look kinda odd, but that might be the only way of getting a green dot on my Mark II. Thanks!
Well, several months later, I returned the Holosun because I ultimately didn't like it. I felt the lense distorted what I was looking at, and the frame was a bit too thick. And really, the green dot wasn't much [if any] more clear than a red dot. I ended up getting a Vortex Frenzy, for a lot less than the Holosun, and like it a lot. I'll take a pic of it as some point this weekend.
If youre still on the lookout for "lower", you may want to look at Holosun again. I just got one of their SCS_MOS sights for my Glock 26, and it goes on the gun without a plate and sits low enough to cowitness the factory iron sights. Only comes with a green dot too, with three options, dot, circle with a cross or just a circle.

Heres the 26 with the SCS on it...


Compared to a 407C on a slde cut for a RMR footprint with no plate. Cant see the irons with this one unless I go with suppressor sights.....

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trackskippy, that is definitely low!!

doubleh, I may do that. The sight has a sort of "rear sight" part on it, but it doesn't really hit where the front sight is at.

So far, I do like this sight. And For less than $100, I'm impressed.

Thanks for the likes, everyone.