Minnesota's turn at an Assault Weapons Ban

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Dec 8, 2003
As we get closer to the sunset date for the '94 AWB, several states are taking it upon themselves to continue the ban despite any evidence of the federal law being effective. It's now Minnesota's turn, apparently. Representative Nora Slawik is the lead sponsor/author of this proposed legislation.

Text of HF2956

A couple of highlights :

- It would ban all assault weapons as defined in the bill text. Any weapons functionally similar to those listed are also banned (i.e. Bushmaster, Armalite, DPMS, etc.).

- If your rifle takes a detachable magazine, *all* of the evil features are banned i.e. no pistol grip, etc.

Please write your state representative and let them know your opposition to this. As it exists, it appears to be a very onerous bill.
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How many states have proposed one of these stupid laws this year?

I count Georgia, Maryland, Louisiana(!) . . .

There is NO grandfather clause! If you have an AR-15 / SKS / whatever in your possession when the law becomes effective, you are guilty of a felony.

Wait a minute, that would be an ex post facto law. I assume you mean you have to register or turn it in.
Wait a minute, that would be an ex post facto law. I assume you mean you have to register or turn it in.

My own take is that you'd have to get rid of it somehow before the law takes effect. From the text of the bill, it appears that it would become effective on August 1st, 2004. Since the bill specifically outlaws manfacture, transportation, or posession, you could conceivable go to bed July 31st a lawful citizen and wake up August 1st a felon :cuss:. Since the crime wouldn't be committed until a future date (August 1st), it wouldn't count as ex post facto.
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The bill allows the possession and transfer of guns owned before August.
Subdivision 1. [PROHIBITION.] (a) It is unlawful for a
9.21 person to manufacture, transfer, or possess a semiautomatic
9.22 military-style assault weapon.
9.23 (b) It is unlawful for a person to transfer or possess a
9.24 large capacity ammunition-feeding device.
9.25 Subd. 2. [EXCEPTIONS.] Subdivision 1 does not apply to:
9.26 (1) the possession or transfer of a semiautomatic
9.27 military-style assault weapon or large capacity
9.28 ammunition-feeding device that was lawfully possessed under both
9.29 state and federal law prior to August 1, 2004;
so, is this abomination going to get out of committee?

...or is it the DemoRat-FL posturing to their small segment of antigunners?

It's obviously time to continue the e-mails--I'm in the middle of composing a letter to DemoRat-FL leaders pointing out the failures of the party. The Doug Grow column in the Strib this week is a good anchor point for that kind of information.

BTW, guys, there's some good topics on the DFL and Antigunners over on the MPR News Forum. I won't bother with links to them here, as right now the good guys are more than winning the show against a few pseudo-liberals.
Why dont you all just do what other members have suggested to myself, I live in Illinois, move to another state:rolleyes:

Oh wait a whole bunch of other states are doing it too:what: , maybe youall will start listening when people like myself say that you better stop it where it starts and quit with the attitude that "that will never happen here!" cos' some day it will.

Saintofkillers is right - if this crap can even be proposed in Lousiana and Georgia then nowhere is safe.

Or maybe we should all move to Alaska and secede! I wonder how the Alaskan independence party is doing these days. They won the governorship once ...
VERY VERY onerous.

"Semiautomatic military-style assault weapon" means:
1.15 (1) any of the following firearms:
1.16 (i) Avtomat Kalashnikov (AK-47) semiautomatic rifle type;
1.17 (ii) Beretta AR-70 and BM-59 semiautomatic rifle types;
1.18 (iii) Colt AR-15 semiautomatic rifle type;
1.19 (iv) Daewoo Max-1 and Max-2 semiautomatic rifle types;
1.20 (v) Famas MAS semiautomatic rifle type;
1.21 (vi) Fabrique Nationale FN-LAR and FN-FNC semiautomatic
1.22 rifle types;
1.23 (vii) Galil semiautomatic rifle type;
1.24 (viii) Heckler & Koch HK-91, HK-93, and HK-94 semiautomatic
1.25 rifle types;
1.26 (ix) Ingram MAC-10 and MAC-11 semiautomatic pistol and
1.27 carbine types;
2.1 (x) Intratec TEC-9 semiautomatic pistol type;
2.2 (xi) Sigarms SIG 550SP and SIG 551SP semiautomatic rifle
2.3 types;
2.4 (xii) SKS with detachable magazine semiautomatic rifle
2.5 type;
2.6 (xiii) Steyr AUG semiautomatic rifle type;
2.7 (xiv) Street Sweeper and Striker-12 revolving-cylinder
2.8 shotgun types;
2.9 (xv) USAS-12 semiautomatic shotgun type;
2.10 (xvi) Uzi semiautomatic pistol and carbine types; or
2.11 (xvii) Valmet M76 and M78 semiautomatic rifle types;
2.12 (2) any firearm that is another model made by the same
2.13 manufacturer as one of the firearms listed in clause (1), and
2.14 has the same action design as one of the listed firearms, and is
2.15 a redesigned, renamed, or renumbered version of one of the
2.16 firearms listed in clause (1), or has a slight modification or
2.17 enhancement, including but not limited to a folding or
2.18 retractable stock; adjustable sight; case deflector for
2.19 left-handed shooters; shorter barrel; wooden, plastic, or metal
2.20 stock; larger clip size; different caliber; or a bayonet mount;
2.21 and
2.22 (3) any firearm that has been manufactured or sold by
2.23 another company under a licensing agreement with a manufacturer
2.24 of one of the firearms listed in clause (1) entered into after
2.25 the effective date of Laws 1993, chapter 326, to manufacture or
2.26 sell firearms that are identical or nearly identical to those
2.27 listed in clause (1), or described in clause (2), regardless of
2.28 the company of production or country of origin.;
2.29 (4) a semiautomatic, centerfire rifle that has the capacity
2.30 to accept a detachable magazine and any one of the following:
2.31 (i) a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the
2.32 action of the weapon;
2.33 (ii) a thumbhole stock;
2.34 (iii) a folding or telescoping stock;
2.35 (iv) a grenade launcher or flare launcher;
2.36 (v) a flash suppressor; or
3.1 (vi) a forward pistol grip;
3.2 (5) a semiautomatic, centerfire rifle that has a fixed
3.3 magazine with the capacity to accept more than ten rounds;
3.4 (6) a semiautomatic, centerfire rifle that has an overall
3.5 length of less than 30 inches;
3.6 (7) a semiautomatic pistol that has the capacity to accept
3.7 a detachable magazine and any one of the following:
3.8 (i) a threaded barrel, capable of accepting a flash
3.9 suppressor, forward handgrip, or silencer;
3.10 (ii) a second handgrip;
3.11 (iii) a shroud that is attached to, or partially or
3.12 completely encircles, the barrel that allows the bearer to fire
3.13 the weapon without burning the bearer's hand, except a slide
3.14 that encloses the barrel; or
3.15 (iv) the capacity to accept a detachable magazine at some
3.16 location outside of the pistol grip;
3.17 (8) a semiautomatic pistol with a fixed magazine that has
3.18 the capacity to accept more than ten rounds;
3.19 (9) a semiautomatic shotgun that has both of the following:
3.20 (i) a folding or telescoping stock; and
3.21 (ii) a thumbhold stock, vertical handgrip, or a pistol grip
3.22 that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon;
3.23 (10) a semiautomatic shotgun that has the ability to accept
3.24 a detachable magazine; and
3.25 (11) any shotgun with a revolving cylinder.
3.26 (b) The weapons listed in paragraph (a), clause (1), except
3.27 those listed in items (iii), (ix), (x), (xiv), and (xv), are the
3.28 weapons the importation of which was barred by the Bureau of
3.29 Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms of the United States Department
3.30 of the Treasury in July 1989.
3.31 (c) Except as otherwise specifically provided in under
3.32 United States Code, title 18, section 925, paragraph (d), a
3.33 firearm is not a "semiautomatic military-style assault weapon"
3.34 if it is generally recognized as particularly suitable for or
3.35 readily adaptable to sporting purposes under United States Code,
3.36 title 18, section 925, paragraph (d)(3), or any regulations
4.1 adopted pursuant to that law.
I just wrote my state senator, who is an old high school buddy, to see if this bill has a chance of passing. I'll keep you posted.
They can "name" any semi-auto they want to, but when they say "functionally similar" that includes all semi-auto rifles, pistols and shotguns. All semi-autos have action that function similarly. This could mean that there are millions of illegal "assault weapons" owned by a whole hell of lot of us. :banghead:
Some of these ban bills are just posturing for the antis. They would, I think, have no chance in GA or LA. In Illinois however, I think a state AWB is very likely. This is why I have never been too enthusiastic about the federal ban's sunset. It just wakes up a sleeping dog.
The federal AWB, while stupid & pointless was not too bad in that its only negative consequences were the loss of flashhiders & an increase in the price of mags. When it was written the antis were more easily bamboozled or they were at least satisfied with only an apparent gun ban. They have either learned a few things since then or gotten greedier. Either way, these new state bans will be much worse.
Personally, I think this bill is exactly that--posturing for the fearmonger vote that still pervades the DFL strategy here in MN--the state party is so deep in factionalism and irrelevancy that they don't know what to do to get a positive message across. (Their latest attempt at gaining an issue--accusing the Governor of letting the pedophiles loose, was actively mocked by one of StarTribune's liberal columnists.)

But I trust them about as far as I can throw them--so I'll be curious to see what SteelyDan reports.
For what it's worth, here's an excerpt from my state senator's response:

"As it relates to that trash regarding "assault weapons" bans, you couldn't be more accurate. However facts are often overlooked when some can use fear and misinformation as talking points. I do not believe there is much of a chance of this getting passed this year or frankly in years to come. As one of the co-authors on the conceal and carry legislation, I can assure you that my oath to the Constitution is one I take seriously even when I believe there are certain decisions on which I don't totally agree. One of the great elements of our government and in particular the Judiciary, is the notion of finality. The weapons ban is window dressing and has much less to do with assault weapons as it is anti-gun in general. This is a perfunctory attempt to draw attention to a small group of social misfits."
passing State level AWBs is the Bradys only hope for an assault weapon free tomorrow

Why Sarah Brady herself travelled from Arlington, VA
to Annapolis, MD last week to testify that we need to ban assault rifles
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