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I left for my visit to Arizona a few hours after voting in the California November elections. Californians can vote across party lines regardless of how you register.

In this election as I've done every one, I voted for candidates who support individual accountability, small government, conservative fiscal and moral values and respect for the Constitution.

Invariably, the state as a whole elects the opposite type.
I moved from TX to Washington. Better carry laws, but restrictions on FA and such.

I'm in a position where I've got two opportunities in CA. I know, but triple the pay great incentives. But--it's freakin' california.
I spent the last two days in California. We have family there. I can't tell you how happy I am to be back in the Silver State. As soon as it warms up a bit, I'm going to grab my dog, my High Standard Sport King, a box of ammo, and go for a desert walk/plinking session. The best part is that I'll only have to drive five minutes to get there.

I have a question.

What has happened to all the gun stores in the Sacramento area?
From across the water

I have lived in Florida all my life. I remember the good ole days (hey, I am only 52!) when hardware stores sold all sorts of guns, including the 70s when I was coming of age and just learning what "assault rifles " were. You may not have found an AR-15 in a hardware store in the early days, but you sure could find an M-1 carbine, M-1 Garand, Lee Enfield or Carcano. More progressive sporting goods shops and such would carry Uzi's, AR-180s, FNCs, Sig AMTs and the lot. First rifle I purchased at 18 was an M-1 carbine at the local discount wholesale store. Even Service Merchandise carried guns up into the 1980's. It is still legal for us to sell face to face in the state, but so many new folks from all over have moved in and we certainly get our share of odd balls, so many people don't like to do face to face any more, unless they come recommended by a buddy.

Spent a good amount of time in England over the past couple of years, and while there ARE some outlets for the shooting sports, they are severely restricted. Always made me happy to be returning home to "The Land of the Free" and get back to a proper range with a proper assortment of firearms. I love the freedoms we enjoy in the US and in particular, in the South.

I moved - from Wyoming to Montana. The biggest difference that I've noted was that the State of Wyoming issued carry permits, and in Montana it's done by the county sheriff. The practical difference is that many other states do not honor a permit issued by something other than another state.

I did recently visit a state that has reciprocity with mine and their no gun signs do not carry the weight of law. That was a nice change. Here, every time I stop at a gas station or any place for that matter, I have to check to see if they have the pointless no gun sign.
I was born in New York. Went in military shortly after high school. Ended up in Texas after Army time up. Loved it. Thought of going back to NY as all family there. NO WAY will I do that and 90% because of thier gun laws. Wife wanted a move and we moved to Maine, good laws here, want New Hampshire but, found better job ops in Maine. That was 2003.
I've bounced all over the U.S. and finally ended up in Florida. I've owned guns for over 45years and have had them everywhere I moved to. Some times I was less than legal! Now that I'm settled in Florida, I have no intentions of moving somewhere more restrictive! As of right now, Florida is #11 on the "Freedom List" which is worse than Virginia but much better than Brooklyn!
I grew up in a gun friendly state and moved to a more gun friendly state (open carry is legal). There are other things to consider besides gun laws when moving. I wouldn't live in a state that isn't gun friendly but the state I moved to had enough other advantages over the one I left that I'll never consider moving back.
NY > PA.

Only regret is that the PA Game Commission wouldn't honor my NY DEC Hunter Safety Instructor credentials. Go figure.
You have to be joking. And why would PA honor ANYTHING from NY? I'm surprised NY honors out of state drivers licenses. I moved away from NY years ago and will never move back. Unfortunately I still have friends and family there so I'm forced to visit.
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lizziedog1 said:
What has happened to all the gun stores in the Sacramento area?
Plenty of them. Actually more gun stores are opening all the time. Most of them hold CC classes and are booked solid (recent elections in 3 local counties have elected "shall issue" Sheriff's).
I have 3 new gunshops in my area just in the last 2 years.
One ammo only supplier opened up just down the hwy from me...He sells CC classes as well and all kinds of targets. No dust on his shelves.
The general attitude toward guns is changing; also many people have moved here from other states (esp. after Katrina, no hurricanes here).
My hope is that with all these new voters maybe people will come around.
That is not to say things will change in Sacramento :banghead:. Highly unlikely.
Glad to see people are enjoying living the "American Way" elsewhere. I've visited Nevada on a few occasions and was surprised to see a gun counter w/ammo at an Ace hardware :cool:.
Ya know, it used to be like that here "back in the day".... I miss those days..;)
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