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My old 2nd Ammendment rant posted on Obama blog

Discussion in 'Legal' started by inSight-NEO, Nov 8, 2008.

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  1. inSight-NEO

    inSight-NEO Member

    Nov 8, 2008
    Hey all-
    Im new here, so I just thought I would "break the ice" with a somewhat dated rant I posted on one of the Obama blogs earlier this year. Some may disagree with me...some may say that my concerns are uneducated or unfounded. Either way, this is a topic I feel strongly about and would debate until my throat or fingers give out. This, of course, depends on whether or not I am speaking or typing!!;) Please throw in some comments or feedback, if you have the time. I am always interested in hearing other peoples' outlook on things.

    "First off, let me say that as of yet, I am not completely sure about Obama's take on gun control. I have been raised in an otherwise Republican family, therefore my outlook regarding this matter is somewhat bias. However,based on reliable sources, it is my belief that Obama and the like, are of the "gun control" crowd. This scares me...a lot. I'm not going to get into the nitty gritty of things by posting quotes or rambling on about the Second Ammendment. However, I need to get a few things off my chest.

    First, these people who insist that those of us who own handguns/shotguns are just mindless, gun crazy hicks are narrow-minded, to say the least. I am betting that very few of these people have ever been a victim of a violent crime and understand what it feels like to be truly helpless. I, however, do know what this feels like. Quite a few years ago, a friend of mine and myself were held at gunpoint by two juveniles hell bent on stealing my friends car. This happened at a local car wash. I will never forget the feeling of having a 9mm shoved in my face and being ordered to lie face down on the pavement. If this had happened in my own home, the feelings would have been far more palpable and dire indeed. Face the facts people, the police can only do so much. More often than not, the police show up AFTER a violent crime has been commited, not before or during. They simply do not have the necessary man power nor capability to respond quick enough. Personally, I am not willing to bet my life or the lives of my family on the "possibility" that help may or may not arrive fast enough. Are you?

    A message for those politicians who say that you can keep a firearm in your home as long as it is 'unloaded, locked or disassembled". THIS IS BLATANT STUPIDITY!!! Obviously, you know almost nothing about firearms. Regardless, imagine if you will, trying to fumble around for the precious key which will unlock your firearm lock, then loading it..not to mention, if necessary, re-assembling the weapon. All of this during the dead of night and with a home intruder bearing down on you and your family. Do you really think this would be possible? Do you really think any criminal is going to give you a chance to make your otherwise inoperable firearm operable? Not a chance. An unloaded and severely locked or disassembled weapon is nothing more than a useless paper weight. Would YOU defend your family with a paper weight? I doubt it.

    For those of you who believe handguns or the like, when taken out of the home, would reduce domestic shootings or horrible accidents resulting in the end of innocent life..I offer the following. In the first place, guns dont kill people...people kill people, whether through careless negligence or merciless malice. As with all dangerous or potentially lethal things in life, it takes a great amount of responsibility and care to ensure that things, such as guns, are handled and maintained properly. If improperly handled or misused, almost ANYTHING can become a deadly/maiming weapon. Take a look in your garage, tool shed or kitchen drawers...you will find MANY such items. Gun ownership is not just a privilege, it is a responsibility.

    Now, for those who think that banning guns will make for a safer America...OPEN YOUR EYES!! By taking away a persons right to defend themselves, particularly in their own home, you are essentially leaving their fate up to the person or persons, currently threatening their lives. Criminals do not see society the way law-abiding citizens do. They live life by a different code..more often than not one of selfishness and greed. Do not think for a second that a home intruder cares anythnig for your values, rights or your family. To think this is a potentially lethal fairy tale.

    Criminals, being forever resourceful, will ALWAYS find a way to acquire guns....ALWAYS. To think otherwise is blatantly naive. So, dont think for a second that by banning guns in the home, this will make any kind of a "difference". IT WONT!!!! You will merely be taking away one of the few "leveraging" tools available to the law abiding citizen and giving it to criminal. Ridiculous...and lethal.

    In closing, I shall admit, that I see no problem with strong background checks for those who wish to purchase a weapon. Nor do I see any problem with, say, requiring those who wish to acquire a conceal/carry permit to attend a week long course on handgun safety and the responsible management of such said weapon. However, to strip Americans of their right to protect their family or to, in the very least, considerably handicap them of the means to do so, is not only un-Constitutional....it is un-American".
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  2. ArfinGreebly

    ArfinGreebly Moderator Emeritus

    Oct 10, 2006
    North Idaho
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