My wife's first hunting trip.

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Jun 2, 2005
North Chesterfield, Virginia
Ok, it wasn't exactly a trip to Africa for Elephant, or to the North Slope of Alaska, but my wife went hunting for the first time today. We walked out behind the house, and I sat her down next to a fallen log. She had her Wally World Special Ruger 10/22, and a thermos of coffee. I walked a few yards away.

We hadn't been there long, when I saw her bring the rifle to her shoulder. Then she put it down. Back up again. The rifle cracked once.

First hunting trip. First shot. First squirrel.
(right there under her elbow on the porch rail. Sort of blends in with the black shirt.)


Deer season is only a couple of weeks away. :D

My wife (along with her father) is actually the one who got me in to hunting. She doesn't do it as much as me these days, but for the first time in many many years we'll be sharing opening day of NY's gun season for deer this year, and I'm looking forward to it. Over 20 years of marriage (next Weds!) we've shared a lot of good hunting memories. It's a great sport for sharing.
I'm much happier during deer season now that I'm hunting too. This will be my 3rd year, and I've already told two doctors they can just wait to fix various things that need fixing until after January 3. :D:D:D

Good for her. What's she going to hunt with for deer?

Good for her. What's she going to hunt with for deer?

Probably an SKS carbine. We've got a couple of them already, and she shoots them pretty well. Shots won't be more than 25-50 yards tops. If she enjoys it, we'll look into getting something more appropriate next year. I think she'd like a Marlin 30/30 but she knows her own mind. I'm sure not going to tell her "get this."
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