Never put your gun down

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Oct 1, 2021
Bemidji, Mn
So here I am, on the last day of hunting season. I filled my do tag with a nice two year old who was bedded down ten feet behind my cabin. When I got up to let the dog out she jumped up and ran about 25 yards away in the brush. I wasn’t going to shoot her but she just stood there like she was daring me.
After the shot she ran about 25 more yards. I forgot to adjust for such a close shot so I hit a little high but still a double lung.
Anyway, to the moral of the story - I gathered up my field dressing tools, looked at the BAR and decided to leave it. I was sure the shot and my dog barking had scared off any other deer.
After field dressing the doe I went to string her up from a hand branch that proceeded to break off and conk me on the noggin. Lol
So I decided to just drag her the 30 yards back to the cabin. As I got roped up I looked over my shoulder and 75 yards off stood a nice 6x6 buck watching like what I was doing was the most interesting thing in the world.
Of course by the time I dropped the doe and my tools and ran back to the cabin for my rifle he was gone.
So the moral is - if you’re out hunting don’t go anywhere without your gun!
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