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New Gov, time for new laws

Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by Jimmy Dean, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Jimmy Dean

    Jimmy Dean Member

    Feb 19, 2008
    Hey there folks.

    I am from the wonderfully backwards state of Louisiana.

    We have a newly elected Rep. Gov who does show promise for the conservatives by the name of Bobby Jindal...guess the state realized that the libs are not doin' a decent job of runnin' anything 'round here.

    Anyways, we have had 3, that I know of, College/University shootings ourselves inside the past 2 months, none of which where considered 'mass shootings,' at least one was a racial shooting leaving 2 dead on the LSU campus, another was a murder suicide in a classroom at Lousiana technical College, the third I don't remember the details but was at LSU as well. I know that LSU also has a problem with gun violence, hear new cases from my sister who attends there weekly. Luckily, there has not been a gun related incident here at my school (La Tech Univ.) since my freshman year in '04

    Anyways, I am wanting to get letters and petitions going for our state gov't to get the ball rolling on allowing CCWs on public campuses for starters. I am wanting to find information on the best way to get things rolling from my end, contacts, advice on wording, um, examples etc. for letters/petitions used in other states, org. I can seek help from etc.

    -Jimmy Dean-
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